PGSM Acts 38-40

It’s Miss Dream Monday, and we’re back with more goodies!

Here are the next three episodes of PGSM; we’re getting close to the end now!

Act 38: direct download | torrent
Act 39: direct download | torrent
Act 40: direct download | torrent

Also give a read to Misty’s latest Kodansha error guide, detailing the mistakes made in Sailor Moon 7.

Today we are also releasing Prism Time volume 2, by Sailor Moon series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Prism Time 2 is a collection of short stories that were made long before Sailor Moon ever became a serialization, and was released in tankoubon format after Sailor Moon’s manga had ended. It is definitely worth checking out if you’re a hard core fan of shoujo manga!

Check back next week for a slew of new raw additions, as well as the resurrection of our lyrics database. MarioKnight has been hard at work manually re-coding the section and we expect to have it ready next Monday. Until then, enjoy and have a great week!

Also – happy birthday to Aino Minako, AKA Sailor Venus!

11 Responses to “PGSM Acts 38-40”

    • MarioKnight

      Hmm, maybe try downloading it again? Something might have happened when you downloaded it previously. I tested this before I uploaded it as well as when I just saw this and had no issues.

  1. cendul

    Hi sassypants678,

    When you rescan Sailor Moon anime album v1, please pay careful attention to sm0055.jpg and sm0056.jpg…When I see both files, it seems like page 63, 64, and 65 of the book are on top of one another, so page 64 is missing/ forgotten to be scanned…

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just look closely at sm0055.jpg and sm0056.jpg…I’m sure it will make sense…



    • sassypants678

      Thanks for showing me that! I have bought all of the issues of Nakayoshi I needed for Japanese language raws of PQ Angels (and actually, I have just finished translating that entire series as of today!) so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing, but it’s an awesome find for anybody who needs a copy. It’s pretty hard to find in Japanese so this is a great alternative!

  2. Brockhurst

    Thank you for the new acts, awesome as always.
    One thing, during Minako’s song in Act 40 the work can’t is spelled cant’t.


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