PGSM Act Zero, Special Act, and Much More!

We’re back and hitting the ground running! This week we’ve got a lot of new content for you to enjoy, such as…

The finale of PGSM! Please enjoy downloads of:

Act Zero direct download | torrent
Special Act direct download | torrent

Which officially wraps up our PGSM project! We’ll be releasing omake videos from the DVD box set, as well as the Kirari * Super Live and Dance Special – but no real time line on those since they aren’t high on our priority list.

A big thank you to everyone who has been watching PGSM along with us! It took us roughly a year to finish this series so this is a big achievement for us as a group! Since we have wrapped up the main leg of this project, I want to open this post to comments so everyone can weigh in on their thoughts, comments, and corrections they have found.

I am particularly interested in people’s corrections for issues they’ve had with our past releases; over the next week or two we will be adding a giant bulk download and torrent of the entire series and I want to have corrected, updated episodes available in those packs that are absolutely perfect. I want to create an archival version of the series, if you will. So please let me know your thoughts, as they will be credited for directly improving our work!

Next up, I’d like to share a few more issues of Nakayoshi magazine from my growing collection:

August 1994 feat. chapter 32 of Sailor Moon & Magic Knights Rayearth
July 2001 feat. Musume Monogatari (about Morning Musume)
August 2001 feat. Musume Monogatari & Tokyo Mew Mew (chp. 12)

I’ll be adding more and more issues of Nakayoshi over the coming months; thanks to my very own Daddy Longlegs I’ve been able to obtain quite a few back issues of the magazine featuring the works of Naoko Takeuchi. There are many significant dialogue and artwork differences between what appears in Nakayoshi and what is printed in the comic book formats.

Lastly, today I would like to share a project that I’ve had in development for roughly six months.

As it turns out, I am not the only crazy person in the world trying to track down issues of old Japanese magazines to find Naoko Takeuchi’s original works.

download | mirror

Unfortunately, it is a very difficult task, no matter what your native language is. Most of the information one would need to figure out which issues you need is almost impossible to find. Making matters worse is the fact that it is very difficult to find anyone selling issues of the magazine – often times the issues you need are more than a decade old. Most Japanese book stores throw out their unsold copies of Nakayoshi every January to make shelf space. So they’re hard to come by and also super expensive.

My research on this topic isn’t complete yet, but I’d say it’s about 90% done. This database is bilingual so that you can copy and paste the correct Japanese titles into search engines when you try to buy something. I hope many of you out there will find it useful!

I’ll also be adding in a guide for North American publications over the coming months; look out for it!

That’s all for today. We’ll see you next week with more Nakayoshi downloads and more! :)

46 Responses to “PGSM Act Zero, Special Act, and Much More!”

  1. Retrograde

    Thanks so much for subbing PGSM for us!

    I can’t point to any particular episodes, but I’ve noticed throughout this release that sometimes names were given the western way (e.g. “Mamoru Chiba”) and other times were given the Japanese way (e.g. “Aino Minako”). Something to keep in mind as you go back through and double check everything. :)

  2. Misha

    Congrats! It’s been great watching your releases every week, and you’ve done a great service to the fandom.

    With that said, the most glaring flaws are probably the encoding discrepancies from the first batch of episodes, the back-and-forth editing of what exactly Hina was to Mamoru, and a big chunk of the early dialogue in general. You found a voice for most of the characters as the show progressed, but some of the early stuff was shaky.

    Can’t wait for the v2s~

    • sassypants678

      Thanks Misha! We switched translators after the 10th act so I’ll be going back and double checking. As for encoding discrepancies, I’m not sure what you’re referring to; can you please elaborate?

      • Misha

        Episode 01: 200 mb
        Episode 02: 150 mb
        Episode 03: 150 mb
        Episode 04: 150 mb
        Episode 05: 215 mb
        Episode 06: 215 mb
        Episode 07: 200 mb
        Episode 08: 215 mb
        Episode 09: 215 mb
        Episode 10: 200 mb
        Episode 11: 215 mb
        Episode 12: 215 mb
        Episode 13: 275 mb

        I remember it being more drastic, but episodes 2-3 are undoubtedly bitrate starved. Mercury’s transformation in 2 is especially rough looking.

        • sassypants678

          Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve got James making new encodes that aren’t so lean and hopefully that’ll resolve the problems. Thanks Misha! :D

          • Misha

            Again, a huge thanks to you and to everyone in Miss Dream.

            If you listen really closely, you can almost hear the last copy of the TV-Nihon PGSM releases finally being put to pasture.

          • sassypants678

            Almost! We’ve still got a few more things to translate before I consider the project 100% complete but we’re getting incredibly close! Though I’m not sure; did TVN ever do the kirari live, omakes, etc?

          • Misha

            IIRC another group did atleast some of the omake. Act Zero and Special Act were done by a slew of groups.

            TV-Nihon is still the only group to have done Act.00

          • sassypants678

            We’ve done Act Zero! At least, most of it. =p
            As someone mentioned we’re missing Birth of Tuxedo Mask and Hina Afterward, but the raws are in the mail and we’ll be making encodes and translations shortly.
            As for Kirari * Super Live and Dance lesson, have any groups ever attempted those? I have no idea!

          • Misha

            Or the half-hour before the show’s timeslot the week before? Shit was weird back in 03.

          • Misha

            afaik, there is no HQ raw of that. JapanDog2 capped it (and iirc that was the only public raw floating around) but it’s in divx and is virtually extinct these days. Your best bet would be some fan with it floating around on an old DVD.

            It’s actually my favourite ancillary PGSM content.

          • Misha

            SaiyaMan didn’t start capping the show until the actual premiere, which is a real shame because iirc the JapanDog2 raws were of considerably lower quality than SaiyaMan’s (which the bootleg DVDs were made out of, save for Act.0)

          • sassypants678

            Well shit, I’ll try asking around for the raw but I honestly doubt anybody has it anymore. Lame! D:

            But still, good information to know. I had no idea otherwise!

          • Misha

            You’d be surprised what Sailor Moon fans have lying around on old backup DVDs.

            Worst case scenario, it’s on the bootlegs. Tons of people still have those lying around.

          • sassypants678

            I’ll put out a call to people asking if they have bootleg PGSM DVDs, I’d love a copy of that raw to make our PGSM project extra complete. Who knows, maybe with a little encoding magic we can clean up the low quality file a bit…

  3. p-chan

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! All of PGSM – Yay! You did some tremendous work! When you upload new “versions”, will you post, which episodes have changes and which don’t? Just so we can see, what to dl again :D.

    • sassypants678

      Absolutely – I’ll include a change log in the torrent program I make, it’ll be a small little text file so you can preview what you need before you download. :)

  4. Luke

    You did an amazing job with releasing PGSM :) The best quality and translation I’ve seen so far :3 Thank you!

    The only problem I really had with this release were the opening subtitles. I was never a far of those karaoke styled subs with transition effects after every given word. This may look good on VLC (I don’t know, I never use it), but on Media Player Classic with CCCP or K-lite codec packs this particular release doesn’t seem to work as you planned. Hard and soft subbed letters are not aligned (at least in MPC) so I’m guessing it will look only worse on DVD.

    • Retrograde

      I agree with Luke. Not a fan of the karaoke style opening subtitles. If it was just the English subtitles I wouldn’t mind so much, but the romaji lyrics across the top of the screen are distracting and annoying.

      • sassypants678

        We recommend that our viewers use VLC player and the CCCP codec pack, so we can’t guarantee that our videos will look as we intended if you don’t use those programs.

        I can ask our encoder about releasing softsubbed opening versions in the future for those of you who dislike the karaoke effects. :)

  5. cLm

    “Love Witch Ending: Sister Witch Special Introduction”
    Does it mean Love Witch has had a proper ending or an explaining of abandoning it after all? Exciting! *___*

    Also, seems to me like the order of Sailor V chapters has been misplaced (the numeration starts from 3 and then there is 1 and 2 after 8th one).

    • sassypants678

      No – this was an announcement that the Love Witch project was dropped (ie: ended) and a notice that a spin-off series, Sister Witch, would begin instead. There was only one chapter of Sister Witch, though, and it was never continued. I believe it also later was given a cancellation notice in some issue of Nakayoshi; I’ll let you know. :)

      I’ll check into the chapter order for Act Zero – is that what you’re talking about?

        • sassypants678

          Ohh, I understand what you’re saying now.

          Sailor V was published “out of order” – the first chapter released was marked as chapter 3. Bizarre, I know, but the order that the series was released in RunRun isn’t the same as the order found in tankoubon and shinsoubon editions. The chronological order is intentionally wrong. Hope that makes sense. :)

  6. Miki


    thank you for releasing PGSM.
    This are the things I found:

    Act 16: the opening translation is missing and the timing of the episode is off
    Act 21: the opening translation is missing
    Act 43: same as act 21

  7. Jay Bell

    At the very beginning Act 15, the girls are talking about Tuxedo Mask. Ami says “I know you think he’s a bad person, but…” and Usagi nods. I’m guessing it should be “good person,” unless I’m misunderstanding something. Worth double checking.

    That’s as far as I’ve watched so far, and the only potential problem I’ve noticed. I’ve been waiting *ages* for there to be a commercial DVD release with English subtitles. Maybe with the show’s revival, we’ll see something like that. For now, it’s wonderful to have a version without the annoying clock and one that’s been translated with more care. I really appreciate the hard work the team has put into this. Thank you!

    • sassypants678

      We’ll double check the line from Act 15 – it sounds like something was lost in editing.

      I wish there would be a commercial DVD release for PGSM with English subtitles; there are TONS of American fans who I think would love to own such an item. Unfortunately I doubt it’ll ever happen; the show had limited commercial success in Japan and it’s doubtful it’d do even half that well over here for a general audience.

      I can see about creating .iso versions of the files for a homemade DVD – but I know very little about encoding for that format. In any case, thank you for your compliments, and I’m glad you enjoy our release!

      PS: Great book and congrats on your success!

      • Misha

        The forums at should be able to help you out with making custom subbed DVDs. (It’s also a great place to share them!)

  8. Cyndi

    Wait are you a Morning Musume fan?! Because if so, that’s incredible. Musume monogatari.. So nostalgic seeing the old MM members.. :’) Not everyday you find people who like Sailor Moon and MM..they’re my biggest loves.

    • sassypants678

      I adored Morning Musume when they were popular! That was like, 2001-2003 era I think? Morning Coffee is still a favorite song of mine. <3 Cool to meet another MM / SM fan! :D


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