PGSM Acts 47 – finale + Nakayoshi October 2012

Miss Dream Monday is back! Today we are finishing off the main story line for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:

Act 47: direct download | torrent
Act 48: direct download | torrent
Final Act: direct download | torrent

Next week we will be posting Act Zero and the Special Act. After that, we intend on releasing the Kirari * Super Live event and the Super Dance Lesson, but when will be determined by demand. We’ll likely get them both online some time before the end of the year but we’re not sure when at this point. Ditto for the DVD omake videos. :)

Today I am pleased to announce that we finally have our lyrics database back online! You can access it via the “translations” drop down menu or by clicking here.

Also worth checking out is the Nakayoshi October 2012 issue, featuring an advertisement for the 2013 Sailor Moon anime, as well as DVD and manga box sets to be released this month.

I have a subscription to Nakayoshi magazine and there is no mention of Sailor Moon anywhere in the November or December issues of the magazine. However, since I now have a regular subscription I will be providing full scans of all the current issues of Nakayoshi magazine for the foreseeable future. If Sailor Moon makes a random appearance again (and I have a feeling it might) we’ll have copies of it here for your downloading pleasure.

That’s all for today! Check back next week as we wrap up the PGSM project and kick off a new one. <3

8 Responses to “PGSM Acts 47 – finale + Nakayoshi October 2012”

  1. Flytrap

    You guys rock! I have 12 days of staycation coming up–gues what I’ll be doing?
    Definitely Kirari Super Live. Masan i masaka sakasama, sha la la la laaaa!

  2. Mimi

    Thank you so much for uploading the lyrics! It’s so hard to find good translations, because it seems like everyone has their own take on it and all the translations get influenced by own interpretations and unfortunately also by other translations. That’s why I like to check out different translations.

    Have you considered to write something about it for Lunacy Magazine? For instance if there’s a Venus issue you could provide some Rica Fukami lyrics and give some background informations. Such as who wrote the song, where it can be found (which episode, which cd) and why did you translate certain parts the way you did. I wonder why watashitachi ni naritakute was translated “wanting to be together with you” and also about some other lines.

    I’d be very happy if you could add the following lyrics as well:

    ai kotoba wa moon prism power make up
    ai no energy wo ubae
    ashita mo matta jitensha
    bai bai tte itta
    chikara wo awasete
    dakishimete itai
    eien no melody
    flame sniper
    ginga ichi mibun na kata omoi
    hottokenai yo
    mayounaka hitori
    moonlight destiny
    otome no policy
    sailor moon christmas
    sailor theme no theme
    senshi no omoi
    someday somebody
    suki to itte
    todokanz omoi
    toki wo koete
    tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo
    tuxedo night
    we believe you
    you’re just my love
    yumemiru dakeja dame

    Thank you, tank you, thank you! I love your translations! They seem to be the most accurate English translations that can be found. You’re the best. :-)

    • sassypants678

      Thanks! I’ll make it a goal to start adding in your requests over the next couple of weeks in between my other projects :)


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