Miss Dream Monday Raws: Chix Comics and Ciao Magazine

Welcome back to another edition of Miss Dream Monday!

While we sadly do not have any new scanlations for this week, we do have some English scans to put online today! This comes in the form of Chix Comics, Tokyopop’s release of individual chapters of the Sailor Moon manga from the late 1990s. We do eventually plan to post all 35 volumes they had released, and start this off today with the first four volumes.

Also being posted today is another Japanese magazine. We’ll be taking a brief break from Nakayoshi this week, and bring to you the February 2001 Issue of Ciao magazine! This is more of a bonus post as there isn’t any Sailor Moon or Naoko Takeuchi related content, however it is still a fun find. If there’s any “Tottoro Hamtaro” fans, this does include a chapter from that story. =)

In something I was told just after I finished typing, some of you are likely aware that Osabu, the editor of Sailor Moon and Naoko Takeuchi’s works, has recently opened a twitter account. Over the weekend, we were given his blessings to officially translate his tweets into English! You can folllow these translations at OsabuP_English. This will be updated in batches whenever sassypants678 has the time, and will coincide with the order of his tweets. Check it out and follow!

Also, not really any new content, however in the past week, I have completed a reorganization of downloads on the backend and have updated all direct download links on the site (sans previous updates). If you come across any issues, please let me know. We recently redid the layout of the doujin and extra translation portal pages, so please enjoy the new and easier to navigate pages!

That is it for this week. We will doi our best to bring you fun content for Christmas next week. Stay tuned! ^_^

7 Responses to “Miss Dream Monday Raws: Chix Comics and Ciao Magazine”

  1. SuperS

    There are pages missing from the Spa Magazine 5-25. In particular, the missing pages are: 073, 075, 077, 079, 081, 083, 086, 088, 090, 092, 094, and 096.

    Also, the rar archives of all of the Mixxzine Magazines (except the first one) are corrupted and can’t be downloaded properly.

    • MarioKnight

      I have one thing that was ready for last week, but we got hit by the plague (maybe the flu, but plague sounds more accurate with how dead we were =P), so it never got posted. I’m mostly recovered, so if I don’t have a relapse, after work I’ll have a post up. =)

  2. Borat

    Really not that necessary to translate osabu’s tweets. Google Translate does pretty well, and it’s not like it’s going to be all that earth-shattering. There’s only so much to be said in a tweet.

    • MarioKnight

      Fair enough in regards to tweet content. However it was requested of many people, approved by Osabu, and has nearly 250 followers as of this typing, so while it may not be for you, many others are enjoying this.


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