Miss Rain scanlation + More Nakayoshi

Hello Miss Dreamers! Welcome to this week’s edition of Miss Dream Monday!

Starting off today, now finally ready to be posted online is a scanlation of another one of Naoko Takeuchi, Miss Rain. This book is a compilation of five short stories that were originally published in Nakayoshi magazine. Now, almost 20 years after it’s release, this book can be finally enjoyed in English!

We’re also putting two more back issues of Nakayoshi magazine online. The first one is from July 1996. This issue is special in that it includes the Act 53 of Sailor Moon from the Stars arc. Shoujo fans will also enjoy chapters from Card Captor Sakura and Saint Tail also in this issue! As a bonus, January 1998 has also been posted online. While this issue does not have anything from Sailor Moon or Naoko Takeuchi, it does have another chapter of Card Captor Sakura, and many other series to enjoy.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to come back next week for more Nakayoshi issue postings. We have a few more in our backlog to go up, and a whole stack has just been scanned and will be processed for both your viewing as well as for scanlations of works only found in them. Enjoy!

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  1. Argo

    Um i think your wrong on the info of july’s issue of Nakayoshi ,Its not the final story of Sailor Moon but Act 45 of the sailor stars arc,what you should have said is that “This july issue has one of the Sailor Stars act in it and if you should know for those who don’t sailor stars is the last storyline of Sailor Moon”

    Just saying!


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