Toki Meca scanlation + More Nakayoshi raws

Welcome back Miss Dreamers for another edition of Miss Dream Monday!

Today, we finally post our scanlation of the book, Toki Meca! This book has the first four chapters of the ten chapter story. The next six chapters were not released in books, only via Nakayoshi back issues. We do plan to translate and post the rest of the story once we are able to. We have gathered almost all of the Nakayoshis required to translate the entire story. We currently only lack the November 2005 issue which contains chapter 5. If anyone manages to see a listing, auction, or otherwise for this issue (even in a bulk pack), please contact sassypants678 at [email protected] so we can try to get our hands on this issue and have the ability to complete this story! If my memory serves me correctly, this is the last one we need to allow us to complete the translation of all of Naoko Takeuchi’s works. For now, enjoy the start of this wonderfully cute story!

Raw galleries we are adding this week are two more issues of Nakayoshi magazine! The first one for the day is the June 2002 issue. This issue is special as it hosts the final chapter of the story, Love Witch. We also continue our postings of the more current issues with the November 2012 issue. Unlike the previous month, this issue sadly does not have any ads for Sailor Moon (nor does the current December 2012 issue and the fresh-off-the-press January 2013 issue =( ), however this continues many of this year’s new stories, including a chapter of the manga based off of the popular JPOP group, AKB0048.

That’s all for this week. While I’d like to say we’d have more scanlations ready for next week, I’m not so sure at this point. Then again, this time last week I had no idea that Toki Meca would be ready, so we’ll see! I can say for sure that we will continue to beef up our raw galleries, and even have some English raw scans to look forward to! Won’t say exactly which ones yet, so stay tuned! ^_~

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      • Mila

        I’d assume she means the last sites with the untranslated comics. Everything that comes after the main story ends. There are some four panel comics for example. Would be really sweet if you’d translate those too.

  1. Moonie From Downunder

    Thanks very much for this scanlation, and also for the Miss Rain scanlation last week, I’m really excited to read these :)


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