Saturn Game Cutscenes and More Nakayoshi Raws

Happy Miss Dream Monday! We’re kicking off this week with a recently made request that we were able to turn around fairly quickly. Our first video posting of 2013 is a fansub of the cutscenes from the Sailor Moon SuperS Sega Saturn game. This game was released in the mid-90s and had a number of cutscenes made, which have been translated for your pleasure!

Tonight’s Monday Night Raws picks back up with Nakayoshi magazine. The first one is from January 1996, which features Act 47 of Sailor Moon, and chapters from other popular series at the time in Magic Knight Rayearth and Saint Tail! The second issue going up today is from March 2001. This issue doesn’t have anything by Naoko Takeuchi, however does contin fun series such as Tokyo Mew Mew and Musume Monogatari!

That’s all for this week. For doujin fans, I have been made aware of Sailor Scribbles, who translates a lot of them, including the popular Cockpit Doujinshi. sassypants678 hasn’t had time to deal with the doujin side of things, and highly recommends this site for your fix! We’ll be back next week with more downloads for your enjoyment see you then!

5 Responses to “Saturn Game Cutscenes and More Nakayoshi Raws”

  1. Kisu

    I just stumbled upon these game scenes on youtube, so I’m very happy about this update, where you put them all together in one. ^.^ Arigatou!!

    I’d just wish the video quality was better. Did you use material from youtube? Maybe someone like the fan who requested that translation could play that game on an emulator und record it again, for a better quality? Also I wondered about some translations like “You suck!”. I found that very harsh. “That’s terrible!” would be a better choice imho, wouldn’t it?

    As a huge fan of your site, who enjoys all the updates I just wanted to ask one thing. How come you update so random? I mean, one would assume that when you upload the bonus chapter of Love Witch, the other chapters would follow week by week. It’s the same with the PGSM audio dramas and other translations. When you update these things I think “yeah, finally someone does a translation”. And then, nothing… -.-‘ Kind of sad!

    • sassypants678

      We update every Monday, but what content we provide is based on whether or not our graphical designers have finished a project, what content we have available in the raws department, and other factors. It is very unusual for our graphical designers to finish chapters in sequential order. We figure it is better to provide some content every Monday than to go weeks without updating at all just to post things “in order”.

      The request was for a translation of a Youtube clip. In the future we may replace our video source with something higher quality, but it’s not our top priority at the moment. We’ll get there eventually though. There are more clips from the game we haven’t translated so we’ll likely tackle those as well.

  2. Sailor Star Shiner

    I must say that’s awesome you’ve translated some video game cutscenes! That was something I never expected to ever see translated. :D


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