Cherry Project Scanlation Complete!

Happy Monday night Miss Dreamers! I apologize for the late post, it feels like everything that I touch today has been falling apart. @_@;; I’ve been able to get everything together for tonight’s update without too much trouble thankfully, so on with the post! With winter coming to an end, so does our translation of The Cherry Project. Volume 3 is online and ready for your reading pleasure!

Tonight’s Monday Night Raws (ironically actually being posted during Monday Night Raw =P ) brings us back to Nakayoshis which we left off with last night. For the Naoko Takeuchi contribution, we post up April 1996 which contains chapter 50 of Sailor Moon! Continuing in our journey of 2001, the June 2001 issue has also been posted online.

That’s all for this week. I’m pretty sure y’all can guess what raws will be added next week, the first Monday of the new month. There will be another scanlation posted as well. See you then, and enjoy this week’s offerings!

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  1. unknown

    where do Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #1,#2,#3,#4,The Melancholy of Makoto,Ami”s First Love,Rei and Minako”s Girls School Battle,and The Lover of Princess Kaguya take place in the manga story?


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