Monday Night RAWs Focus

Happy Miss Dream Monday! Today, we focus on adding more fun raws for your enjoyment! Taking a break from continuing the two Nakayoshi years from the past few weeks, we’ve got a nifty rare magazine to post. Now online is the March 1997 issue of Amie magazine. Amie is another magazine featuring many popular girls comics, such as “Clover” by CLAMP and “Juline” by Narumi Kakinouchi. This issue is special, as it contains the only short story by Naoko Takeuchi ever released outside of Nakayoshi / Kodansha Publishing: “Rain Kiss.” Other fun stories by various authors are here as well!

As this is the first posting in February, we will now put up the January 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine. Though there was no Sailor Moon news in this issue, this is a good way for fans outside of Japan to keep up with the current series.

That is all for this week. We’re still working on getting more scanlations shooped for eventual posting, and I’m hoping to have one addition to a series we started posting next week, but can’t promise as of this typing. What I can promise is that we have likely a years worth of raw postings processed in our backlog now. @_@;; sassypants678 has been going crazy with them which has been amazing. Over the year, you can expect more Nakayoshi magazines, Chix comics to be finished, other artbook like postings, and previously mentioned Smile magazines. Also, a surprise raws section will be added sometime this year. ^_~ Be ready!

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