Love Witch Scanlation Start

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I know I promised a big curveball this week, however a couple roadblocks came into play so that will have to wait for the time being. Because of this, we will now start posting our scanlation of Love Witch! Online today is chapter 1 of this story, which was only published in Nakayoshi magazine throughout 2002. We’ll be going through this whole story as time passes, please enjoy this first chapter!

For our Monday Night Raws offering, we are NOT posting a Nakayoshi magazine (so I guess there is a bit of a curveball this week =P ). Instead, we are putting online Animerica Magazine Volume 6.11. This magazine posted news of anime and manga throughout the 1990s, where this issue in particular features Sailor Moon!

That’s all we have this week. Sometime in April, we intend to have another Miss Dream Garage Sale! We will be selling off most of our unbound collections that have been used to make what we have here on Miss Dream. We are hoping to have this ready within the next couple of weeks, if you are interested in this start saving now! Next week, we will continue our scanlation of Love Witch, and with it being the first Monday of a new month, I’m sure y’all can guess what our raws contribution will be. Enjoy this week’s postings and see you next week!

Edit 3/26/13: Added raws for Love Witch chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3! Thanks to IttyFox6 for the heads up! :)

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