PQ Angels 3 Scanlation

Good Morning Miss Dreamers! Today, we continue another one of Naoko Takeuchi’s works in PQ Angels. Chapter 3 of our scanlation is now online! We’re making good progress through the story, just one chapter to go! Also this week, being the first Monday of the month, we’re posting last month’s Nakayoshi magazine. February 2013 is now online for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the current stories going in in Japan!

Than’s all for this week, come back next week for the conclusion of PQ Angels and even more raw offerings. Enjoy the new postings and see you then!

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  1. unknown

    where do Chibiusa”s Picture Diary #1,#2,#3,#4,The Melancholy of Makoto,Ami”s First Love,Rei and Minako”s Girls School Battle,and The Lover of Princess Kaguya take place in the manga story?sorry about reposting this but I really want an answer?

  2. Bebe

    Salut sassypants678, I found a great japanese fansite with beautiful artworks and short fancomics. Some of them are old and therefor still flawed, but the newer ones are stunning. I would so love to read a translated version of them! Maybe it’s worth a look. If you like them too, this might be something for you to put your hands on.

    Here’s the link: http://tsuki-kioku.com/top.html

    • clm

      You should also try to ask Sailor-Scribbles for it. I also have 1 page translated (check it out! ^^), but no intention to continue (that handwriting sure was challenging, and the new ones have lots of text).

    • sassypants678

      These are gorgeous, but I agree with clm; try asking Sailor Scribbles about doing that request. I’m basically maxed out on my free time with the projects I am already working on, and can’t even see when I’d have time to get around to doing those doujinshi, even though they are admittedly gorgeous. Sorry!


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