PQ Angels Scanlation Complete!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today is a special day, as we complete our translation of one of Naoko Takeuchi’s stories only available from Nakayoshi magazine back issues, PQ Angels! =) The final chapter is now online and ready for reading! It feels good to finally have another story completed, and being one step closer to bringing all of her work into English. We also put online two more Nakayoshi magazines, the first one being May 1996, which features Act 51 of her most popular work, Sailor Moon. We also continue our 2001 issue postings, with September 2001. We didn’t actually skip any from the year, the next couple were already online, so this was next. What I didn’t expect is that unlike the other 2001 issues, this one does have a pretty rare find from Naoko, the prequel to Toki Meca! See what the story was before it truly began years later!

That’s all for this week. Next week will have a nifty surprise and we’ll keep on rolling out some Nakayoshi raws. See you then, and enjoy today’s offerings!

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