Special Doujin by Naoko & Yoshihiro

Happy Monday Miss Dreamers! As we prep our next scanlation projects, we have some special plans in store. Today is a nifty offering, in the form of the 1998 Declaration of Rehabilitation by Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshihiro Togashi. This is a fun Q&A session by the couple, give everyone a fun look at their personal lives in the late 90s. Today’s raw offerings are more Nakayoshi magazines. June 1996 continues on with the Sailor Moon story, where as January 2001 helps fill the gaps of that particular year. Both issues are certainly packed with lots of fun! Next week will be a pretty nice curveball in postings, we’ll see you again then! Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Special Doujin by Naoko & Yoshihiro”

      • Lisa

        Nah! I’m just thankful you guys translated it, and even put it into scanlations. I know how much you guys do in the community. =D I’m really amazed by the hard work of the Miss Dream team.

        • Elly

          And Lisa, we’d never be here without you! Three Lights was a HUGE inspiration to me, and remains so today. You do an amazing service to the community as well – I am jealous of your scans!! :D


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