Character Art Books Online, Nakayoshi Rush Continues

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! In this Memorial Day posting, we have some nice additions to our art books section. All five of the Pretty Soldiers Fan Books have been scanned and are ready for your viewing and downloading pleasure! This books are very rare and highly sought after, many thanks to staff member Tommy who let us scan these gems for your pleasure!

We also continue our Nakayoshi Rush this week! We are continuing posting up issues in the order of publication that are in the queue. You’ll notice that the first issue is out of place in comparison to last week. This is because I was unable to locate the RAR archive in time for posting, which is why it has been posting this week. I have gone through and ensured that everything else is in the proper place, naturally the only thing out of place was what was just mentioned for the first week of the rush. -_-;; Without further ado, here are this week’s postings!

While checking to ensure everything is in place, I plotted the schedule for the rush. All issues that are prepared and in queue at the rate we intend to post them in, we won’t be done until mid-August! Yes, with the five a week rush rate! Crazy! @_@;; This does not include issues we have purchased that will be on the way to us over the next month or two. Next week, expect the rush to continue, and possible more fun postings as well. Also, please don’t forget about our garage sale! Own a piece of internet history for a fraction of the cost, and make room in our house for more goodness to post! See you next week, and enjoy this week’s downloads!

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  1. Luke

    Thank you! :D I’ve been wanting to see those Fanbooks some time now and compare them with the polish release (that’s missing a few pages in each book). My only complain would be the two-page spreads, but it’s understandable since you don’t have a copy to unbound. Thank you for scanning this in :3


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