Breaking News: New Sailor Moon Musical to Begin in September 2013!

Osabu Fumio, Naoko Takeuchi’s editor from Kodansha LTD confirmed via twitter that a brand new Sailor Moon musical (Sera Myu) will begin in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in September of 2013.


Sailor Moon musical announcement
JPN | ENG @ full size
Sailor Moon musical flyer
JPN | ENG @ full size

Here is what we know so far:

1. You can pre-reg for a ticket through July 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, releasing June 3rd.

2. Otherwise you can buy tickets through AiiA’s ticket hotline beginning in July.

3. Cast will be:

4. Producer is Hiramitsu Takuya, who is famous for his works on Hetalia Hunter x Hunter, and more. Music will be by Toshihiko Sahashi, famous for his work on Cutie Honey, Gundam Seed, and Magic Knight Rayearth

5. Initial Sailor Moon musical run will last 10 days, from September 13th ~ 23rd. May extend for more performances / more location depending on fan reception.

Osabu has also tweeted that there will be an announcement regarding new Sailor Moon merchandise tomorrow morning, so please stay tuned to our official English twitter feed of his account by following us on Twitter here: OsabuP_English

Update: Flyer from Nakayoshi July 2013 with information issue and much more here.

Update 7/3/2013 Musical name, more cast members, and more info here!

17 Responses to “Breaking News: New Sailor Moon Musical to Begin in September 2013!”

    • sassypants678

      Of course. Hell, if I can get a camrip I’ll sub it right then so we can watch before the DVD comes out.

      • ruth

        im on it sassypants678! my plane tickets were bought a while ago and i was actually thinking of canceling until the news broke last night. i’ll see what i can do when im there!

  1. Luke

    MY GOD! Such wonderful news!! And so unexpected (at least not before the anime release). A woman playing Tuxedo Kamen could be really interesting (makes sense since Naoko was always a fan of Takarazuka Revue). They all look gorgeous. I’m not sure about Usagi and Minako, but I’ll love this Myu even if they suck :D

    Being there would be a dream come true. I just checked plane tickets hoping for some major discount but as always – $2000 bugs to see a $100 show. Why life? WHY?!

    At least we know there’ll be a DVD (and hopefully Bluray). There always are.

    As far as the announcement goes – I’m keeping fingers crossed for a Bluray release of the anime. I don’t really consider the 10 year old R2 DVDs repackages into a new Box Set – major news.

  2. clm

    ” Producer is Hiramitsu Takuya, who is famous for his works on … Hunter x Hunter”

    Not surprised lol XD

    • sassypants678

      As soon as I read that, I thought…so that’s how he got involved with Naoko Takeuchi – through her husband! :D

  3. RRViper

    So, the musicals are coming back from hiatus. Who knew that would have been foreseen, since it’s been 10 years + since the last one. Very nice to see them return.

    Quick glances at the actresses:
    Based on their looks alone, I can see Yuu Takahashi as Jupiter, Kanon Nanaki as Mars, and Shiori Sakata as Venus. I’m not sure on how well they’ll play the roles but that’s just at the glance. As for Satomi Ookubo and Myabi Matsurra as Moon and Mercury, I don’t see it (yet), but I’m open to see what happens. As for Yuga Yamato as the first Tuxedo Kamen, this should be interesting. If nothing else, the musical already makes sailor moon history just for that.

    As to the new Sailor Moon figurines, preorders are already being made available on

    All in all, if nothing else, this just made my day, and I’ll be on the lookout for this when it’s available on dvd.


    (who hopefully purchased his pre-ordered figurine for the first edition with the extras that will come with it)

    • sassypants678

      RRViper! It’s so good to see you back around these parts. I’m pretty excited for the new musical as well – it’s been a long time (well over a year!) since I’ve released a musical, I have been lazy and bad, but this will be a good opportunity to get back in the saddle and translate them again. :)


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