Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube

Happy Thursday Miss Dreamers! I’m sorry for the technical issues through the week, we broke our bandwidth limit which resulted in issues in he network through the data center. While it’s pretty cool to have such a big impact, we were not able to keep things like that. Sadly, the stream experiment has been deemed a failure and will not be returning. Even before the network-breaking bandwidth issues, people were reporting other issues, most common being the stream restarting after various periods of time. All direct downloads had to be disabled until I could find a way to manage them. I have been doing this through the week, finalized a system last night, and all direct downloads are back online! It’s been a trying week, definitely a lot learned for future projects. I hope that y’all have been able to enjoy Sailor Moon: La Reconquista by now, however for those who haven’t, thanks to four people, you can now watch Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube! We didn’t put it on there ourselves, as we do not want to risk the taking down of our channel. Thankfully these four users took the time necessary to get this online, and we hope that these will last for those of you who have no other way to watch.

Silent Polaris

MoonXenite Momô



We would like to thank the above users for sharing this musical to reach an even wider audience. It is very much appreciated! =D If anyone else decides to do the same, please link and credit us in the video and let us know, and we will be happy to post the link on the site! That is all we have for you tonight. I hope that everyone has been enjoying Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, we sure have, and the stats definitely show lots of love! And for those waiting for streams, please enjoy the links above to watch Sailor Moon La: Reconquista on Youtube! Please be sure to check out all of the other goodies on our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista portal page, with nearly everything regarding the musical translated, and even a few more things to come! Stay tuned and see you soon!

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