Nakayoshi September 2013 and Three Doujin Online

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Yes, it’s true, we are finally back to Monday updates again! While yes, we are still doing catch-up on prepping our queue following the relaunch of the galleries a couple days ago, I did take some time to prepare content for an update today, in the form of the Nakayoshi September 2013 issue and three Sailor Moon based doujinshi.

Nakayoshi September 2013
Nakayoshi September 2013
Yes, for the first time in a few months, we have a current Nakayoshi magazine issue on schedule. For those of you who haven’t been here, on the first Monday of each month, we post downloads and galleries of the Nakayoshi issue that has the publication of the month previous. As it is October, this means that Nakayoshi September 2013 is being posted online today. Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has featured shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many franchises that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well. While there are no Sailor Moon chapters in this issue, or anything by Naoko Takeuchi, it features plenty of other popular series like Doki Doki! Precure!

Normally I would round out an update with even more issues of Nakayoshi Magazine in what I like to call Nakayoshi Rush, however I don’t have the ability to do so this week. So instead, we will start posting up a series of Sailor Moon doujinshi, which has been commissioned by an anonmyous donor who also provided the raws. We thank this person for their donation and support, and I’m sure y’all will do the same. There is a lot of work that we have scheduled with them, so doujinshi fans will have semi-regular posts to look forward to! Today, we post three stories from the Rainbow Over the Moon series.

Rainbow Over the Moon 3
Cyan Fiber

Rainbow Over the Moon 7
Green Crystal

Rainbow Over the Moon 8
Pale Blue Current

And that’s all for this week. Work is continuing on our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista Ultimate Pack, which I’m sure everyone will enjoy! There’s work for a lot of new content to be added to our raws section over time, and other goodies are in the works as well. Until then, please enjoy today’s offerings of the Nakayoshi September 2013 issue and the three doujinshi! See you next time!

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  1. clm

    >so doujinshi fans will have semi-regular posts to look forward to!

    Yays! YAYS!


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