Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute CD Online!

Hello everyone! Today we have a rare update that’s not on a Monday! We have a special surprise to make everyone’s weekend a better weekend with making the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute CD available! This CD has redone versions of many of your favorite songs from the anime! It is a wonderful listen, I know everyone will enjoy it!

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute CD
MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC | Scans

For this release, we have provided it in two formats. MP3s in 320 kpbs, as well as lossless FLAC encodings. Scans of the cover and booklet are available in a separate file as well. Or you can choose to grab everything or parts of it all from the torrent. A big thank you to Mizuno Caitlin of Wild Mushroomland for ripping the CD and scanning the images for us to share! Her work made it so we could get this up so quickly!

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! If you would like to purchase this album, it is available at CD Japan and JList. Enjoy this download, and see you Monday!

24 Responses to “Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute CD Online!”

  1. Gaspar "Shiggity"

    Hey all! I’m downloading this compilation right now. It’d better be good. :P LOL.

  2. Debbie Hammer

    I have downloaded the mp3 files, and for some reason I cannot get the RAR files to play, on either Media Player, or VCL player…is there any suggestions on how I can play the RAR files? Oh and also, what happened to all of your Sera Myu downloads? I finally found you guys and the links went poof! Thanks for your time.

  3. Sailor Star Dust

    Thanks for the links y’all; it’s greatly appreciated! I own a handful of imported anime/manga goods (mostly SM or Eva), I just wish things weren’t so expensive (import costs PLUS shipping fees…). If sites like U.S. iTunes offered anime OSTs at a fair price, I’d be over that faster than Usagi on chocolate cake. AFAIK, the issue is contracts/music studios in Japan? It’s just all so frustrating for fans outside of Japan when there’s no fair and easy access to said merch! :(

    • Mara

      Actually, it’s quite possible amd easy to get a Japanese iTunes card from a place like JList. You will pay a bit more, but you can definitely do it. Google “Japanese iTunes store card” and you’ll find places that get you the card number very quickly, like the same day.

  4. Tali

    Ohhhh I just got this in the mail today and I didnt want to open it. Now I dont need to since the files are online! :) Thanks for this!

  5. nigoki

    Thank you for sharing this CD!
    By the way, could you check the scans please ?
    booklet-06 full size is missing :(


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