Sailor Moon Crystal Leak Translation

Happy Thursday Miss Dreamers! Tonight has turned out to be a special night in regards to the Sailor Moon 2014 anime! First, Sailor Moon Official posted an 8 day countdown. Then, information started to leak out with a title and logo, Sailor Moon Crystal! Moments ago, a full-sized image was uncovered. And now, we have a translation of the Sailor Moon Crystal image available!

Sailor Moon Crystal

It seems like things are finally moving forward with Sailor Moon 2014! Or should I say, Sailor Moon Crystal! =D

For those of you who would like to use the new Sailor Moon Crystal image on your mobile devices, staff member Pixeluna has made a pre-sized for mobile image that just looks lovely on our phones. =)

8 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal Leak Translation”

  1. Rosetta

    I almost cried when I saw this. Literally. I’ve been waiting months for any new info and then this pops up! It’s like a dream come true!

  2. Duchess

    YES! I am so looking forward to this. I hope this is the art style used for the anime, it looks very nice and clean. The style and design also sticks with the manga, i love it! Sailor Moon Crystal, cannot wait! I hate to ask, but will you guys be uploading the episodes? maybe with your own translations or a clean up of the ones nico nico douga have (usually these have barely understandable/non sensible translations)

  3. Zaruxe

    I’m soo excited for this series, I wish there was more information out on it. The synposis makes it sound like it’s going to be a remake of the first season of Sailor Moon, so maybe they’re doing what Full Metal Alchemist did with Brotherhood?

    • clm

      Yeah, kinda the same.

      BTW people, how the heck did it leak? Did someone just tried putting “anime.png” into the address bar?

    • Nico

      Let’s hope they make an almost perfect remake as FMA:B was.

      At least, follow the manga exactly, avoid fillers and go on with a fast pace, no more DBZ-ish looking at each other for 5 minutes, please!!!

      Make a good anime adaptation of Sailor Moon.

  4. Ace

    Oh man, I love sailor moon and wishes to watch these new episodes immediately, I hope the arts, the voice would better. I miss minako, oh man! Can’t wait.


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