Under New Management

Hey Miss Dreamers! It’s been a while, for weekly updates. But, we’re back to normal and the updates for Tuesday are back on! But first… an announcement:

As of today, Miss Dream is now being handled by no other than me, Fred Francis aka Mercuius!

You can say the site’s under new management. But, I rest-assured that updates and site will be handled in a more proper manner, as I did with Crystal Comparisons!

Anyway, onto the update!

Newtype October 1993

Newtype was launched by the publishing company Kadokawa Shoten on March 8, 1985 with its April issue, and has since seen regular release on the 10th of every month in its home country. This is the October 1993 issue, which contains an article and cover featuring Sailor Moon!

Newtype October 1993
October 1993


Apologies for the late update and changes! We’re working to get back on track, and hope you liked the Newtype October ’93 issue! We hope you’ll stay tuned for next week’s update.♥ By the way, we do ask that you all donate, not only to keep the server running, but to maybe give Miss Dream a good year! Also, we have expanded our hire us page to a whole separate entity, Fandom Services, so be sure to check that out as well! See you next time!

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