Comparisons of Crystal, Volume 9, and another Animedia issue…

E3 week is here, as we welcome to another Tuesday Update, Dreamers! This week, I added comparison pics of Acts 17 & 18, from volume 9 of the Sailor Moon Crystal Bluray LE, that just released last week. For this this, though, we added another Animedia issue from 1997!

This week’s additions

Animedia March 1997
Animedia March 1997

Comparison Pics from Sailor Moon Crystal, Volume 9

Last week, I went and compared pics of the ONA to the Bluray, that was just released. Act 17 had a total of 95 changes, while Act 18 only had 16. The one botch, that most Dreamers will be talking about is that in Act 17, the infamous Moon Princess Halation was using the Moon Stick rather than the Cutie Moon Rod, was severely overlooked, when it aired, and Toei didn’t bother to fix it, before releasing it on home video. Anyway, enjoy looking through the changes in the 2 episodes, from

Act 17 – 92 still, 3 motion changes
Act 18 – 15 still, 1 motion change


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