Mermaid Panic, Week 3

Hey, Dreamers! Our weekly scanlations of Mermaid Panic continues with chapter 3! Also, take a look at the new affiliated site, Tuxedo Unmasked!

This week’s uploads

Mermaid Panic - Chapter 3
Mermaid Panic
Chapter 3

Tuxedo Unmasked!

We’d like for you guys to also check out our new affiliate, Tuxedo Unmasked, which is run by our new friend, Jason! It contains many other translations and some interesting stories within the world of Sailor Moon.

One of the many translations is Moon, Star, Sun — Essays by Kotono Mitsuishi, which you can read it by clicking here.

Speaking of Tuxedo Unmasked, Jason will also run @osabup_english, and help translate any Sailor Moon-reated tweets by Fumio Osano.

Hope you guys enjoy some of the great reads he posts. :)


We hope you enjoyed the upload, and hope you’ll stay tuned for next week’s update.♥ By the way, we do ask that you all donate, not only to keep the server running, but to maybe give Miss Dream a good year! Also, we have expanded our hire us page to a whole separate entity, Fandom Services, so be sure to check that out as well! See you next time!

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