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Hello again everyone! Today is the day, we are happy to release our English translation of the new 2016 musical, Sailor Moon – Amour Eternal! =D There are some things I want to note before bringing you to the links.

* This is the first musical to be recorded and sourced in HD! I know, an odd statement to make in 2016, but one that merits mentioning. This means it looks gorgeous on HDTVs, it also means that the file size is bigger than our previous musical releases.

* Please, please, please, use torrent downloads. I know I say this every year, but torrents were made for file transfers, web browsers were not. I have to limit direct download simultaneous connections to not kill the network pipe (which did happen a few years ago). Torrents will work better, and you’ll likely finish the download faster, which means you can watch it sooner. I understand some don’t have the option to use torrents hence why direct downloads are even available. If you have the option, please use the torrent.

* If you have any issues, please read our FAQ. 99% of the time, your issue or question is addressed in there. I have played this file successfully on my new laptop with only the base Windows 10 OS and VLC Media player installed. It’s a soft-sub like normal, we can’t help with every individual computer system, so please refer to the FAQ or your software’s support channels.

* A big thank you to James for his hard work over the past couple of weeks plugging away at the translation. As well as to @ares00 for providing us an excellent source video to work with.

* Please consider donating to us so we can continue to provide you with translations and raw materials from all over the Sailor Moon franchise. Donations go towards our server bill (annual cost can be seen in the tracker widget on the side and the donation page) as well as acquisition of new materials. If you enjoy everything we have to offer, please consider donating so we can stay online and continue expanding!

With all of that said, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Please enjoy our English release of Sailor Moon – Amour Eternal!

Sailor Moon Amour Eternal
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14 Responses to “Sailor Moon – Amour Eternal Translation Online”

  1. GasparAKAShiggitay

    Hey guys (shout out to sassypants678 and Dan aka MarioKnightDB)! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication in getting this musical done! I thoroughly enjoyed it, esp the version of We Are The Pretty Guardians… Minako… lol… I plan on recording a sort of retrospective video review of La Reconquista to now… Would anyone be willing to watch such a review? It could take me a while so as to make it a good honest review, but I really want to do it. I have some views and opinions that I want to share.

    Thanks again to everyone involved. Here’s to the next musical when it’s announced/released!


    • DV

      I’d be interested in watching it. I’ve got some opinions on the new Myus too, but the werewithal to write them down is lacking. Which is entirely my own fault!

      The team here at MissDream have done such a fantastic job and they deserve all the accolades. Thanks, guys!

  2. Beautifulsailor

    Thank for the upload of this latest musical, but how come I don’t see any subtitles coming up on the screen?

  3. Beautifulsailor

    Has anyone watched this musical with English subtitle or there is no subtitle at all because after I downloaded the video there were no subtitles.

  4. Maria

    There aren’t any subtitles. Can you guys take a look at this? I’m realllllly excited to watch this musical. Thank you!!!

  5. Beautifulsailor

    How come this is not fixed yet and there is still no subtitle showing up? When will it be fixed? I have tried more than once to download, but still no subtitles.

    • MarioKnight

      As stated above in the post itself, please read our FAQ for suggestions of programs to use. Generally any player that can play MKV files with subtitle tracks will be fine, VLC Player is our recommended player. We can’t specifically help with every individual system. I feel like a broken record saying this sort of thing with the annual musical releases. Thousands of people have downloaded this file either experiencing no issue or figuring out how to play this on their own (or used our recommendations). If your player can not for whatever reason, then you will need to find a player for your system that does. As stated above, I played this on a fresh Windows 10 install that week, have since also been able to do so on Linux, and even have played it on my TV setup. The file is fine. You know your system better than I ever will, I can’t give individual help.

  6. NoxiD


    I want to thank you for the Un Nouveau Voyage’s Translation. It was Really Good. Thank you guys!

    Now I just downloaded this new musical (Amour Eternal) but i can´t watch it in my PC, its too much heavy D:

  7. Liv2012

    Hi there! Unfortunately where I am, downloading torrents and files is a bit iffy. I was wondering if it’s possible to get just the translation of the lyrics anywhere? Thank you!


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