Bunch of Announcements! Sailor Moon’s 25th Anniversary Starts Now!

Hello, Dreamers!

Last Wednesday, the official Sailor Moon site was updated, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary, and lots of news to share on that. Plus, we got more uploads of doujins from a generous donor, Talesofwings.

Let’s get to them!

This week’s doujin uploads

Moonlight 2
Moonlight 2
Moonlight Romantic 3
Moonlight Romantic 3
Ohayou no Musume
Ohayou no Musume
Order Under Moonlight
Order Under Moonlight
Pinkish Bunny Vol 6
Pinkish Bunny Vol 6

Sailor Moon’s 25 Anniversary!

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Sailor Moon franchise! And, to celebrate, the Official Sailor Moon site has added the page, which you can see by clicking here, with many projects in mind. So, let’s go through them:

  • Re-release of the manga artbook(s). It’s not yet clear how many books and what, if any, new content these might contain.
  • First time (Japanese) release of the 90s anime on blu-ray. Vol. 1 will come out on June 14 and Vol. 2 on August 9. Each volume will have approximately 23 episodes. They plan to release the rest of the series and the movies going forward. The box arts for the first two are shown below:

    Pre-orders for both volumes are up on CDJapan, right now! Click on the links below!
  • A new musical is coming to Japan this fall and the cast of Amour Eternal is coming to Anime Matsuri in Texas for a performance on April 7th!! The inners, outers, Tuxedo Mask, and some of the Dead Moon Circus troupe (not the Trio/Nehelenia/Zirconia) will be attending! More details likely to be announced here.
  • A new season of Sailor Moon Crystal is on the way! More details to come.
  • The Fan Club will be continuing for another year.
  • Several brand collaborations have been announced – My Melody, Rakuten Eagles (a baseball team), and Monster Hunter.
    My Melody Collab

    -Rakuten Collab: Details TBD
    -Monster Hunter Collab:
  • Cosmetics: Sailor Moon will be collaborating with MAQuillAGE to release a new powder

  • Goods: The Stick & Rod ~Moon Prism Edition~ is going on sale to the general public.
  • Accessory: Another Q-Pot Jewelry collaboration is coming out – preorders already started
  • Fashion: Sailor Moon is collaborating with Isetan, Punyus, and GU. Isetan events will begin in March, Punyus items will go on sale in late April, and GU items will also come out in March.

Lots of goodies coming! We’re excited for the new season of Crystal, as well as the new musical! Which one are you most excited for?!

Special thanks to Katie for summarizing the numerous things announced at once! WHEW!


We hope you enjoyed these uploads, and hope you’ll stay tuned for next week’s update.♥ By the way, we do ask that you all donate, not only to keep the server running, but to maybe give Miss Dream a good year! Also, we have expanded our hire us page to a whole separate entity, Fandom Services, so be sure to check that out as well! And, bookmark sailormoonevents.org, for updates on the upcoming Masquerade Ball in 2017! See you next time!

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