LA Premiere of Sailor Moon R Movie Recap…and more doujins!

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This week’s update contains the last set from the generous donor, wolf1806, plus a recap from the LA Premiere of the Sailor Moon R movie.

This week’s doujin uploads

Sweets Cook Book
Sweets Cook Book
Secret Flower Garden
Secret Flower Garden
Search for the Idol!
Search for the Idol!
Shining Silver Water Droplets from the Moon
Shining Silver Water Droplets from the Moon

Sailor Moon R Movie’s LA Premiere

The first of three anime movies, Sailor Moon R, had a theatrical premiere in Los Angeles, inside the Theater at the Ace Hotel, which was SOLD OUT. Viz Media had a Snapchat filter set up for the special occassion…where Tuxedo Mask voice actor, Robbie Daymond, hijacked and had a blast with! Just search “vizmedia” on Snapchat, and see the fun ensue. Besides that, we have tweets from the event:

The cosplay…

The cards that were given out:

Of course, we cannot forget the cast that was there:

And the people at Viz, for making this event magical and so GLITTERY:

I hope everyone had a great time in LA, for the premiere and Q&A, like Sailor Moon had its own convention…but let’s not go that far, just yet. :P

There are theatrical releases for the movie across the nation. To see if it’s near you, check out the listing in the link below:

And for those who won’t be able to make it to any of them, RightStuf had pre-orders of the movie on their website, right now, with a release date of April 18th!


Sailor Moon Crystal, Season 2, is up for pre-order!

RightStuf also announced that Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 will be out next month, on February 21st! Links to those are below:

The cover used is from Volume 13 of the Japanese Blu-ray & DVD releases.


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