We’re RunRunning Again! The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball is This Saturday!

Hello again, Dreamers!

We’re RunRunning again, with an issue of RunRun, which contains the second issue of Chibiusa’s Picture Diary…which we also have, as an individual download.

Also, a reminder for this Satuday’s Masquerade Ball!

This week’s doujin uploads

RunRun July 1994 Issue
RunRun July 1994 Issue
Chibiusa's Picture Diary 2 in RunRun July 1994
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary 2 in RunRun July 1994
Official Sailor Moon Fan Book 1993
Official Sailor Moon Fan Book 1993

The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball is This Saturday!

Yep, the big ball is this Saturday, at the Saratoga Hall of Springs, in Saratoga Springs, NY!

For more info, just head over to the facebook page here.

♥We hope to see you there, and have a good time!♥

Anniversary of the First Anime Episode Airing!

Today also marks the 25th anniversary of when the classic Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime started airing on Japanese TV, back in 1992.

The first episode entitled, “The Crybaby! Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation!”, was the starting point in a 46-episode run, that gained an audience and expanded the series for four additional seasons. The voice of the heroine was given to Kotono Mitsuishi, who voiced in many epic series, like One Piece, Neon Genesis Evengelion, and more. But, she gave Sailor Moon a iconic voice, that still continues today, in Sailor Moon Crystal. She also gave one of the best iconic catchphrases of anime history…

“Tsuki ni Kawatte oshioki yo!”

Happy 25th Anniversary, Sailor Moon!♥


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