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This week’s update has many news in the Sailor Moon world, over the past week! Ranging from baseball, to Sera Myu, and everything else in between.

Sailor Moon Crystal Day at the Golden Eagles Game

Sailor Moon had a presence at the Rakuten Golden Eagles ballgame, where it had it’s Rakuten Girl-themed day, with Sailor Moon as it’s ambassador.

And what better way to represent Sailor Moon than the seiyuu herself, Kotono Mitsuishi!

Osabu tweeted this, saying for the fans to root for the Golden Eagles:

The Golden Eagles go on to win their game, 6-1, with a grand slam from Carlos Peguero, securing their first place in the Pacific League standings.

Usagi’s Birthday Event to be a Screening Special

Speaking of Kotono Mitsuishi, she’ll also be attending the special screening event on Usagi’s birthday, June 30th, as they’ll show Sailor Moon Crystal Season III‘s 2-parter season premiere, along with Sailor Moon R movie, inside the Marunouchi Toei theater. Joining her will be the R movie director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, and a “special guest”. July 1st’s screening will only show the R movie. More info on the event is on Anime News Network’s post.

There’s also a lottery for the Pretty Guardains Fan Club, starting May 31 to June 4, with winners announced on June 6.

This event will become a yearly tradition for Sailor Moon fans.

Le Mouvement Final Promotion Shows Princess Kakyuu & the Sailor Star Lights!

TOP: Asami Okamura as Princess Kakyuu; BOTTOM, LEFT to RIGHT: Riona Tatemichi as Sailor Star Maker, Meiku Harukawa as Sailor Star Fighter, and Saki Matsuda as Sailor Star Healer

Last week, the Official Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary site revealed Kakyuu and the Star Lights, in costume, for the upcoming Le Mouvement Final musical. We expect more promotional posters featuring Galaxia and the Sailor Animamates very soon.

We posted this, and many future updates in our Le Mouvment Final page, which you can bookmark to come back often for updates.

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