Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final

Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final, Autumn 2017

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Musical Autumn 2017: Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final

Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final is based on the Stars Arc of the Sailor Moon series.

The title of the latest in the series of Sailor Moon musicals was announced on the Official Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary page, on April 8, 2017. Its dates of the musical are as follows:

Tokyo: September 9 ~ 18 (Day off on Sept 11)
Aichi: September 23 ~ 24
Osaka: September 29 ~ October 1

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Usagi has come to the airport to see Mamoru off as he heads to the US to study abroad, but someone shatters Mamoru's body to pieces. In shock, Usagi loses her memory and collapses, but a member of the super idol group the Three Lights is there to catch her. That day, the Three Lights were to star in a music festival. Usagi and friends were planning to perform as well, but a new enemy arrives. Calling themselves "Shadow Galactica," these enemies are Sailor Guardians aiming to steal Sailor Crystals!
At the same time, a mysterious young girl named Chibi Chibi and new Sailor Guardians, the Sailor Starlights, also appear, and a battle on an unprecedented scale begins.
Sailor Guardians vs. Sailor Guardians! Fittingly the Sailor Moon "final battle" has the future of the galaxy at stake and it starts now!!

Fun facts

  • "Le Mouvement Final" is French for "The Final Movement."
  • Unlike previous years, the title for this year's Sera Myu was announced in the USA first, on April 7th, 2017, before the official site posted the news. The main 10 senshi cast, plus a few extras, were at Anime Matsuri 2017 in Houston, Texas, to announce it, after their 40+ minute original performance of the senshi saving Houston.
  • Sera Myu in Houston also marks the last performance with Karin Takahashi as Sailor Saturn, due to scheduling conflicts with another musical that she's playing in, Death Note, which runs within the same time frame as Le Mouvement Final's runs. It was after Houston's time, that Mirai was casted to replace Karin as Saturn.
  • During Osabu's Sailor Moon panel, at Anime Matsuri 2017, he answered a fan's question about a possible USA run of this Sera Myu. His response was that there's no further details, but urges the fans  to "give full support," to make it happen.
  • As the name implies, this is the final Sailor Moon musical with this cast, as well as Sera Myu itself.
  • Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final - Live Performance Songs

    Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final, Autumn 2017
    Live Performance MP3 Download
    Thanks to Sailor Busters for the rips, and Katie form for the translated song titles.


    1. Maiden's Road
    2. Wandering Stars
    3. Sky of Jewels
    4. Legend of the Dictator
    6. Wandering Stars (Ballad Ver)
    7. Sailor Make Up!
    8. Crow and Siren
    9. Scent of War
    10. My Only Love
    11. Celestial Born
    12. Last Hope
    13. Galaxia's Ambition
    14. We Know
    15. Determination
    16. My Guiding Light
    17. Feelings of Kakyuu
    18. The Guardian Who Lost Hope
    19. Time of Confrontation
    20. Chaos' Theme
    21. Music of the Spheres
    22. We've Become One Again
    23. On the Scene!! Tuxedo Mask
    24. Loving Satellite
    25. Speed of Light
    26. When Destiny Calls
    27. Love's Starshine
    28. Moonlight Legend

    Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final - Pamphlet Translation

    Coming this fall

    Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final Promotional Materials

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    Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final Promotional Videos

    Sailor Moon Sera Myu cast Q&A Panel @ Anime Matsuri 2017
    (credit: Rei2Rei)

    Sailor Moon Sera Myu performance @ Anime Matsuri 2017
    (credit: A-to-J Connections)

    Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final Cast Listing

    Confirmed cast:

    Hotaru Nomoto as Sailor Moon

    Yume Takeuchi as Sailor Mercury

    Karen Kobayashi as Sailor Mars

    Kaede as Sailor Jupiter

    Rimo Hasegawa as Sailor Venus

    Yuuga Yamato as Tuxedo Mask

    Shuu Shiotsuki as Sailor Uranus

    Sayaka Fujioka as Sailor Neptune

    Mikako Ishii as Sailor Pluto

    Airi Kanda as Sailor Chibi Moon

    Mirai as Sailor Saturn

    Meiku Harukawa as Sailor Star Fighter

    Riona Tatemichi (PE, AE) as Sailor Star Maker

    Saki Matsuda as Sailor Star Healer

    Hinari Yamaguchi as Chibi Chibi #1

    Chise Niitsu as Chibi Chibi #2

    Coco Isuzu as Sailor Galaxia

    Asami Okamura as Princess Kakyuu

    Shadow Galactica

    • Yukari Shiihara
    • Yochimi Hidano
    • Ayumi Sagisaka
    • Ayano Nagasawa

    Satomi Okubo (Moon: LR, PE, UNV) as Sailor Cosmos 


    • (PE, AE) –  Returning from Petite Étrangère and Amour Eternal
    • (Moon: LR, PE, UNV) – Played as Sailor Moon in La Reconquista, Petite Étrangère, and Un Nouveau Voyage

    Sailor Animamates

    Shion Aoki as Sailor Iron Mouse

    Miyu Hashigaki as Sailor Tin Nyanko

    Yuka Kobayashi as Sailor Aluminum Siren

    Iriya Yuto as Sailor Lead Crow

    Confirmed staff:
    • Creator – Naoko Takeuchi (Kodansha Press)
    • Screen play and  Production – Takuya Hiramitsu
    • Music – Toshihiko Sahashi
    • Lyrics – Lynne Hobday, Takuya Hiramitsu
    • Choreography – Satomi Toma
    • Artwork – Chiho Tsunoda
    • Acoustics –  Kouichi Moritani, Satoshi Nakajima
    • Lighting – Hidenori Kobayashi
    • Filming – Hiroki Arakawa
    • Costumes – Hiroki Okushima
    • Hair and Makeup – Keikou Hyou, Akiko Imura
    • Vocal Coach – Tadamichi Izumi
    • Fight Scene Choreographer – Masanori Tomita
    • Music Assistant – Yuria Tobe
    • Assistant Director – Satomi Sugizaki
    • Rehearsal Piano – Shiori Yasumoto
    • Stage Director: Kenichi Konno
    • Promotional Artwork – Shinjirou Eguchi
    • Promotional Photography – Yuusuke Miyake

    Source: Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Site

    Translation credit - Katie