More Newtypes! SeraMyu CD Is Coming!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend of USA’s Labor Day, Australian Father’s Day, or just the first weekend of September, Dreamers!

This week’s update continues our Newtype magazine uploads, that includes a full issue update of one that we had.

Let’s check them out!

This week’s Newtype issue uploads

Newtype January 1993
Newtype January 1993
Newtype February 1993
Newtype February 1993
Newtype June 1993 - Full Magazine
Newtype June 1993 – Full Magazine

There will be real Sera Myu CDs coming!

In surprising news that came out of left field, the latest Sailor Moon Fan Club video shows Shuu (Sailor Uranus) & Sayaka (Sailor Neptune), shown above, announcing to the fans that there will be a Sera Myu CD, featuring eight songs from Amour Eternal, plus “Eye of the Storm” from Un Nouveau Voyage! The CD is in the works at this time, and will be out very soon. This is the first time that ANY Sailor Moon musical gets an official soundtrack album.

We will be looking to scan and rip the songs for you guys, as soon as we get a copy. Stay tuned, Dreamers! ;)

Thanks to @SMObss for the tip!


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  1. Kathleen

    First time any Sailor Moon Musical gets an official soundtrack album? What about all the other SeraMyu CDs, soundtracks and karaoke albums? There’s like 30 of them!


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