More Young You, Naoko Punch, and a Naoko Interview!

Hello Dreamers!

This week’s update brings you four Young You issues from April 2003 and May 2003 along with some more Naoko Punch issues and a Naoko Interview from FRaU!

Young You magazine is a monthly manga compilation phone book, similar to Nakayoshi except it is for a young women’s audience. Naoko Takeuchi published her “Punch!!” series in this magazine from 1998 – 2004, detailing personal life events such as her marriage and child birth experience.

FRaU is a Japanese women’s fashion magazine. We have highlights from the December 2017 issue, which include an interview with Naoko Takeuchi and Sailor Moon themed horoscopes.

This week’s Young You, Naoko Punch and FRaU issues


Young You April 2003
Young You April 2003
Young You May 2003
Young You May 2003
Naoko Punch from Young You April 2003
Naoko Punch from Young You
April 2003
(Balloon Punch, Round 8)
Naoko Punch from Young You
May 2003
(Balloon Punch, Round 9)
FRaU December 2017
(Naoko Interview)
Courtesy of Mizuno Caitlin


Huge thanks to Mizuno Caitlin of Wild Mushroomland for the donation of the FRaU December 2017 issue with the Naoko Interview!

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