Sailor Stars Merry Christmas CD, RunRun, Chibiusa’s Picture Diary, and Doujin galore!

Hello Dreamers!

This weeks update brings you several different items! We have an issue of RunRun, Chibiusa’s Picture Diary 3, and 4 more doujin!

This week we have a special holiday treat for you: the Sailor Stars Christmas album! This rare album is sadly out of print, but we were lucky enough to snag a copy so we could bring you these adorable scans and songs! The songs are all sung by the voice actresses for the inners, but the scans include cute scenes with the Three Lights, Chibi Chibi, and a tiny bit of Haruka and Michiru.


This week’s RunRun, Picture Diary,  Doujin, and Christmas CD!



RunRun March 1995
RunRun March 1995
Chibiusa's Picture Diary 3
Chibiusa’s Picture Diary 3
From RunRun March 1995
Two Shot
Two Shot by
Atelier Kuramami
(donation courtesy of wolf1806)
Flashing by
Atelier Kuramami
(donation courtesy of wolf1806)
Odango Atama 2
Odango Atama 2 by
Mic Nekomata
(donation courtesy of wolf1806)
Serenity by
Metsutto Azarashi
(donation courtesy of wolf1806)

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Sailor Stars Merry Christmas CD
MP3 | Scans


Huge thanks to wolf1806 for the doujin donations! It’s been a while since we’ve had a doujin update, so hopefully you found something in enjoyable in it all! And I hope you also super enjoy the Christmas CD, just in time for the holidays!

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See you all next time!

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