Moonie of the Month, Sera Myu in the US, and DVDs and Blu-Rays for Sale!

Hey Dreamers! Today we’re launching a new corner, Moonie of the Month! Each month we’ll feature a creative Moonie who’s working hard to make things for the community to enjoy.

Moonie of the Month

As you might have noticed, Miss Dream has a new look! For our first Moonie of the Month corner, we’re featuring the artist of our new logo, Andrea Miller! She even drew a beautiful new piece of UraNep art for us! Check out her feature here to see her new art and learn all about this super talented Moonie illustrator.

Sera Myu in theaters in the US

As we announced on our Facebook page, Le Mouvement Final is coming to select theaters in the United States beginning on March 10, 2018! You can find the current listing of theaters here. The page has already been updated with a ton of additional theaters since it first opened, so keep checking back!

DVDs and Blu-Rays for Sale!

We’ve decided to part with our Sailor Moon DVDs and Blu-Rays. We’ve got a huge variety of dubs, subs, and original Japanese releases available, stretching form the DiC days to Crystal to Viz’s re-dub/sub releases. Check out our Garage Sale if you’re interested in getting your hands on them!

In case you missed it… we’ve Opened a Patreon Page!

As you might already know, it costs us a lot of money to keep Miss Dream running. Our monthly hosting and cloudflare bill is $315! On top of that, gathering up Sailor Moon publications and other merch to digitize for the site can quickly get pricey. Enter Patreon – a monthly tipping and rewards site that allows you to support your favorite content creators and get perks as a thank you. Miss Dream’s content will always be free to access, but we are incredibly grateful for any support our visitors can provide to help ease the hosting bill and make it easier for us to keep acquiring materials to share. Even just $1 helps a ton!

Check out our Patreon page to learn more about the rewards we’re offering and how to make a pledge!


I hope you guys enjoy the new Moonie of the Month corner! We have lots of suggestions from you guys for people to feature next, but keep them coming!

Will you be going to see Sera Myu in theaters? We’re hoping the screening will be a big success – who knows, maybe we could get an official US DVD release, or another visit from the cast?

See you next time!

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