Takedown of Four Sailor Moon Musicals and Related Audio

Effective immediately: Due to a request we received from Kings Records Co. Ltd. of Japan, we have removed our translation fansubs and live performance songs audio files for the following Sailor Moon musicals:

* Petite Étrangère
* Un Nouveau Voyage
* Amour Eternal
* Le Mouvement Final

Following the take down of some musicals, will you release the subtitle-only files?
Unfortunately, no. Despite it being technically possible, the subtitles were made based off of the original online broadcasts from various streaming services in Japan and NOT the DVD releases. While we were hoping to eventually re-time and re-release videos with the DVD source, this is a very time consuming process that we have not made any headway on. When we get a take down notice from official sources, we must comply and cancel the ones that the notice effects. Even if we went and subbed them, we would have no means to guarantee that these would work with no issue, and are unable to offer support for the many ways in which one would create their own subtitled video.

7/8/18 addition to FAQ in response to this notice:

Will you upload the musicals on (name upload site here, i.e. Google Drive)?
We wish we could, but that is also a definite NO. As much as what most people would use to share their content, it also is a way to pirate content that goes against the licencor’s wishes. See the first answer for the rest of the explanation.

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