Nogizaka46 Musical News and Crystal Merchandise Scans

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Welcome to another week of updates! This time we have some news about the Nogizaka 46 Sailor Moon Musical! And we also have some images of older Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise to share with you this week!

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Nogizaka46 Musical News

Details about the Nogizaka46 Sailor Moon Musical have been revealed! 10 members of Nogizaka46 were selected to make up a double cast of two inner soldier teams – Team Moon and Team Star. The story will be based on the Dark Kingdom arc of the manga.

Team Moon:
Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino – Mizuki Yamashita
Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Riria Itou
Sailor Mars/Rei Hino – Kazumi Takayama
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino – Ami Noujou
Sailor Venus/Minako Aino – Hina Higuchi

Team Star:
Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino – Sayuri Inoue
Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Miria Watanabe
Sailor Mars/Rei Hino – Ranze Terada
Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino – Minami Umezawa
Sailor Venus/Minako Aino –  Kana Nakada

The remainder of the cast are not members of Nogizaka46:

Naru Osaka – Yuka Yamauchi
Gurio Umino – Marina Tanoue

Kunzite – Chihiro Ando
Zoisite – Sari Kojima
Nephrite – Shin
Jadeite – Rina Takeda

Queen Beryl – Nami Tamaki

Tuxedo Mask – Mikako Ishii

Ensemble – Mayuko Kawamoto, Mayu Kaburagi, Kumiko Saito, Ayuka Kurachi, Minami Tanabe (sp?), Mami Mitsuoka

There are three returning cast members from the revival musicals: Mikako Ishii, who previously played Pluto, Chihiro Ando, who previously played Tiger’s Eye, and Kumiko Saito who was in the ensemble for La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere. The cast is once again all-female. Yes, that really is pop star Nami Tamaki as Queen Beryl! If you’re an Utena fan, you might also recognize Yuka Yamauchi as Anthy from the recent musical.

The official homepage has also confirmed that the director will be playwright Worry Kino. Shunsuke Wada announced on twitter that he’ll be in charge of the music.

The show will run at two different theaters in Tokyo, and there will be some differences in the performance between the two theaters.
[June Shows] 2018/6/8 ~ 6/24 – Tennouzu Ginga Gekijou (The Galaxy Theater)
[September Shows] 2018/9/21 ~ 9/30 – TBS Akasaka ACT Theater


Starting to get more news as far as the musical things go! Anyone excited to see Mikako return? What about her as Tuxedo Mask now? We hope you enjoyed this weeks post! And don’t forget..

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4 Responses to “Nogizaka46 Musical News and Crystal Merchandise Scans”

  1. oriharakaoru

    Do you know why there are two casts of inner senshi? Will they be in different showings? Or will two teams be in one musical?

    • Haruka tenou

      the two casts is probably a cash cow move, because if you want to see all your fave Nogi46 members, you gotta watch 2 times. kinda like how pokemon game has you play both red and blue to be able to complete your pokedex.

      the two teams alternate performing per day, based on the schedule shown at the official site.

    • Irulanne

      When you have on-going shows like this, makes sense to have multiple casts. If a performer is sick, another can step in the role. Also knowing these girls are teenagers still going to school for most, it would be challenging to have them perform every day.


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