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This week we are bringing you all the news and updates about Sailor Moon that was announced Anime Expo this past weekend! Links will be provided to the original tweets as well for you to view at the original source announcement.

Also we have some amazing new content coming in store that I’ve seen and am VERY excited about to share over the next few months picked up right in the heart of Tokyo, Japan by our staff! So look forward to all of this in the near future!

This week’s News

First is the mention that Charlene Ingram (“Char” for short), Viz Media leader of all things Sailor Moon, has left Viz to work for Capcom and this was her very last Sailor Moon panel. For those that don’t know, Char very much loved Sailor Moon and made many outfits for panels inspired by it and even visited Japan several times! The current cast of Sailor Moon got together to make her an amazing gift all signed by them with notes. You will be missed very much Char! You can see her twitter here if you would like to follow her.

Next we got news on the delayed Sailor Moon Eternal Edition! As it turns out, Osano (original editor for Sailor Moon), heard that American’s have larger hands so they’ve taken this edition and made it even larger! It still has the same number of pages and same number of colored pages as the original Japanese version. There was a production issue that caused this delay. You can see the actual size of the volume here if you would like to see it for yourself!

Questions were also raised about bringing Sailor Moon from Universal Studios Japan to North America, and Osano said that “We’ve gotten no offers from them…yet!” So this means we need to reach out and raise voice if you’d like to see the Sailor Moon USJ event here in America!

Even the Sailor Moon classical concert was asked about coming to the United States. The Licensing Manager, Junichiro Tsuchiya, said “We would love to bring a Sailor Moon classical music concert like we’ve had in Japan to the US too. Would you support something like this?”

And let’s not forget that next and upcoming big Sailor Moon event, Sailor Moon Super Live! Osano said “We’re working on an overseas version of the Sailor Moon Super Live show, that transcends language, for fans all over the world. It’ll go to France first, but we are definitely bringing to the US next! We want your help to bring this to LA.” Exciting to know there’s a chance it could be here right in the US!

More general questions were asked including about Sailor Moon being in the US. Osano said “When we first brought Sailor Moon to the US, we were worried that American readers would think that it was stupid and silly!” Boy were they in for surprise for sure!

Osano also said that he and Takeuchi had a common theme to go off of. “Both Takeuchi-sensei and I like super sentai shows like Gatchaman and Go Rangers so we wanted to make something like that.”

And as a bit of a surprise, Osano had one more thing to say: “When I left for LA for Anime Expo Takeuchi-sensei said, ‘I want to come next year too!’ There is a lot to arrange to make it happen, but we’ll try.” Would you go to AX for a chance to see Takeuchi?

At the Viz Sailor Moon panel we got news about the cast list for the Sailor Moon S and SuperS movies! In Sailor Moon S movie, Chris Hackney will voice as Kakeru Ohzora, Claudia Lenz as Himeko Nayotake, and Melissa Fahn as Princess Snow Kaguya.

In Sailor Moon SuperS movie, Kyle McCarley will voice as Poupelin, Ban Diskin as Banane, Robbie Daymond as Oranja, Erica Mendez as Bonbon Babies, Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Perle, and Tara Sands as Badiane. In the Ami’s First Love special, Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Bonnun, and Kyle McCarley as Mercurius.

And lastly, Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 home video was announced for release on 11/13/2018 where you can preorder it today!

Again, clicking on any of the links above will take you to the relevant tweet(s) about the subject discussed. Thank you to those that provided the information to us on twitter: Fred, VIZMedia, and Deb Aoki! You can check out their twitters through the various links above. Also the art done for Char’s image was done by lollivamp!


We got a lot of news, but still nothing on Crystal yet. Not surprising since last we heard it was still only in production. Was any of the news exciting for you? Are you excited to see new materials coming in from Miss Dream this year? I sure am!

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  1. Harley Quinn

    Hey! This is all great news, but I was curious: Is the new musical going to be live streamed or possibly subbed by Miss Dream in the future? I haven’t heard anything about it since it was announced and started showing in Japan. Thanks!

      • Harley Quinn

        Ah, ok. I didn’t know there was no live stream. I was just wondering. Thanks for explaining. :)


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