Pop-Up Cafe Update! Plus, Ayaka In Brazil & Shining Moon Tokyo!

Hey, Dreamers!

Today’s news is about the new Pop-Up Cafe info, and Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM’s Venus) appearances in Brazil and the new Sailor Moon-themed diner, Shining Moon Tokyo!

Pop-Up Cafe 2019 Update

We previously reported on the Sailor Moon pop-up cafe returning this fall. Today, we got an update on that, courtesy of the official Sailor Moon site.

Sailor Moon Pop-Up Cafe 2019 Locations

  • Tokyo / Shibuya Venue: October 3 – November 17
  • Osaka / Abeno Venue: October 3 – November 17
  • Aichi / Nagoya Venue: October 10 – November 24
  • Hokkaido / Sapporo Venue: October 18 – November 17
  • Fukuoka / Hakata Venue: October 26 -December 1
  • Saitama / Koshigaya Venue: November 14 – Monday, January 13, 2020

Reservations via Sailor Moon Pretty Guardians Fan Club started today, and will run through September 16th, but may close before that. Reservations for those without the fan club membership is planned to start on September 26th at 18:00 (6pm Japan Time). The fee for reservation is 650 yen (plus tax) per person.
You can reserve up to 4 people when you make your reservations with the club membership or not. For those without the membership, if you want to make reservations for 5 or more people, they want you to make an additional reservation procedure, and there may be a possibility that your seats will not be together.

They also provided bonus envelope to the reservation ticket holder. NOTE: You’ll get one of these 5 envelopes containing the reservation tickets.

In the meantime, the official site of the Pop-Up Cafe has just launched today, where more details and the menu will be posted there.

Ayaka Komatsu in Brazil

The live action Sailor Moon actress, Ayaka Komatsu, went to Brazil, as a guest at their anime convention, AnimeFriends 2019, back in July. She shared a couple pictures of her time there on her instagram below:

She even had a panel, talking about her experience as the guardian of love & beauty, as well as some fun with some fans. Check it out below! (NOTE: It’s not in English, but you can scan and check out what happened there. ;) )

Ayaka Komatsu at Shining Moon Tokyo

As if we’re done talking about her, Ayaka even went to the first days of the new permanent Sailor Moon-themed show-and-diner in Azabu Juban, Shining Moon Tokyo, which opened up back on August 15th. You can see her tour, as well as how the shows are here.

You’re such a busy gal, Ayaka-chan. And we love you for that! 🧡


We’ll post more updates, as they come along. Until then, thanks for reading and checking out what’s new in the Sailor Moon world. ^_^


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2 Responses to “Pop-Up Cafe Update! Plus, Ayaka In Brazil & Shining Moon Tokyo!”

  1. Guillermo

    I’m Spanish native so I could get most of the talk in the panel despite it’s in Portuguese. There is also a 1st part with another panel with Ayaka (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knaku1sqQ_Q)
    They have many things in common. In a brief summary she’s asked about how were the auditions to become Sailor Venus and the presence of Naoko on them, and the difficulties filming the show. Also her friendship with the other actresses that continues today, like when they sang all together in Keiko’s marriage. She talks about they’re planning to do a 5-party travel or even some kind of tour (I couldn’get exactly what she said there, if it was a private trip or thematic one). Another thing is that she would like to do a SM character again, but something like Beryl or similar.
    That what I remember, but you can get the idea. Apparently the organization wants her to go return to Brazil next year.

    • Guillermo

      Sorry for the typos, it was late at night lol.
      Another interesting question was why PGSM turned to be so dramatic, especially with Minako/Venus and her absence in the final chapters. Ayaka said that was because the show was not aimed only to children, but to a broader audience, so they decided to make that sharp turn. A difficult decision she remarked.


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