Doujinshi Posts: Ending Apple Talk, Adding Dark Agency

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome back everyone! This week, we’re posting more Japanese doujinshi from our gracious donor, wolf1806! We are finishing works they had that were done by the group, Apple Talk, and adding in those by Dark Agency.

New Doujinshi Posting by Apple Talk

Super USAT
Mega Mazura

New Doujinshi Postings by Apple Talk

Aquarius Panic!

Aquarius Panic! 2

Aquarius Panic! 3

Aquarius Panic! 5
(some pages 18+)

Aquarius Panic! 6: Superior Panic
(some pages 18+)


Our garage sale is still ongoing where we have buy one get two free on all magazines! We also have a penny sale for everything we have that has been taken apart (labeled as “unbound” throughout), just pay a penny and shipping! All doujinshi have been marked down to $5 each, and future additions from our doujinshi donor will reflect this as well. Check out the garage sale for some awesome content, some of which have yet to be posted on the site! They may sell faster than you think!

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We hope you enjoy this week’s additions and everything else on the site!

3 Responses to “Doujinshi Posts: Ending Apple Talk, Adding Dark Agency”

  1. Bonnie

    Just wondering where the monthly “thank you”s are posted, and when the monthly drawing is done/winner announced?

    • MarioKnight

      While I currently don’t deal directly with Patreon-related happenings and hadn’t been given a list to add to the postings, I will look into the status of who is what tier for site postings and ensure that moving forward this is not missed again. I am very sorry that this got lost in a shuffle somewhere and will ensure it is not a common occurrence. I sadly won’t have this squared away for today’s scheduled post but should for weeks following. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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