Miss Dream Update: Multiple new doujinshi uploaded!

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome, everybody! Apologize for the delay, I thought I had already scheduled this! Today we bring you 4 doujinshi from the ’90s all done by 4 different groups (ironically all starting with B!).

Downloads of the Week!


World Shaking
(By Baku Taatoru)

Tsuki Sekai Seifuku
(By Barakku)

World Shaking
(By Beans Purple)

Kiss in the Moonlight
(By Beat Emotion)


Our garage sale is still running and on all magazines, we have a buy one get one free deal! EVERYTHING that has been taken apart (labelled as “unbound” throughout) is ONLY A PENNY plus shipping! Plus all of our Doujinshi have been marked down to a steal price of $5! New Doujinshi we receive in the future from our donor WILL honour this deal. So make sure to check out our garage sale!

We also have a Patreon! You can help keep Miss Dream going by donating as little as $1 a month! The total cost of our month to month hosting and Cloudflare bill is $315! Plus, because we’re always looking for new content and merchandise to digitize and add to the site it quickly adds up and gets pricy. Enter Patreon – a monthly tipping and rewards site that allows you to support your favourite content creators and get perks as a thank you. The content here at Miss Dream will never be held behind a paywall, however, we are eternally grateful for any support our fellow dreamers can provide to help ease the cost of the hosting bill to make it easier for us to keep acquiring materials to share. If you want to donate but not on a monthly basis, we always have our donation page where you can donate as much as you’d like, whenever you’d like. Any donation whether big or small is greatly appreciated. =D

That’s everything for this week! Let us know in the comments what your favourite of this week’s additions are!

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