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Nakayoshi Rush with RunRun Issues!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! We hope that we made your weekend a more enjoyable one by posting the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute CD online, and if you haven’t heard it, we highly recommend it! Today, Nakayoshi Rush is still going strong! Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has featured shoujo… Read more »

Fanbuch Scanlations Continue and Raw Doujinshi Additions

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! We have another fun update planned today, so let’s get started! Fanbuch Scanlation Continues Sailor Fanbuch: Galaxia Starting off, today we will be continuing our scanlation of the German Sailor Fanbuch line. The previously German-only Galaxia is now online! Please note while reading these translations, that these books are essentially… Read more »