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Sailor Moon Novelization Volume 2 Online

Hello Dreamers! Welcome back everyone! This week we are happy to add the second volume of the Sailor Moon Novelization! We also have a fun little addition of a Sailor Moon S Sticker Book! All new content are available for various downloads and gallery viewings below. New Galleries and Downloads Sailor Moon NovelizationVolume 2 Sailor… Read more »

Various Raw Content in German and Spanish

Hello Dreamers! Welcome back everyone! This week we have a fun variety of raw content from two different languages! First off, InsaneSarah has continued to send us more German special scans, with another SonderHeft issue and an extra small magazine. And we are finishing off our scans of our Spanish purchases from last year with… Read more »

Doujinshi Posts: Ending Apple Talk, Adding Dark Agency

Hello Dreamers! Welcome back everyone! This week, we’re posting more Japanese doujinshi from our gracious donor, wolf1806! We are finishing works they had that were done by the group, Apple Talk, and adding in those by Dark Agency. New Doujinshi Posting by Apple Talk Super USATMega Mazura New Doujinshi Postings by Apple Talk Aquarius Panic!… Read more »