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Artbook, Mini-booklet, and Sailor Moon Novel!

Hello Dreamers! We bring a chance of pace this week from activity books and picture books with a wide variety including an artbook, a mini-booklet, and the novelization of Sailor Moon volume 1! This week’s Downloads   Ketteiban Sailor Stars Artbook Sailor Moon Mini-booklet in Josei Jishin Sailor Moon Novelization Volume 1   Closing And… Read more »

Sailor Moon Musical Omake!

Hello Dreamers! Apologies for the delay on this weeks post, but this time we have a Musical Omake! We bring you the Sailor Moon 1998 Winter Special  Musical Eien Densetsu Katiteiban Special Omake Video! This week’s Downloads     Sailor Moon 1998 Winter Special Musical Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban Special Omake VideoDirect Download | Torrent Download… Read more »

More Picture Books and Activity Books!

Hello Dreamers! This week we bring back the picture books! As well as some Japanese activity books for a fun time! It should note that these books are good for low level Japanese readers as the text is split up and there is hiragana everywhere! This week’s Downloads Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 33 Sailor Moon… Read more »

Sticker Book and Spanish Activity Books!

Hello Dreamers! This week we bring you something that’s not just the picture books, but instead, Spanish activity books as well as a S Sticker Picture Book! Huge thank you to Mikala for donated the Sticker book to us! This week’s Downloads     Sailor Moon R Spanish Activity Book Volume 16 Sailor Moon Sailor… Read more »