A doujin that focuses on Michiru & Ellza Glay, with Haruka. Doanted by wolf1806.

Blue de Ciel

French for “Blue Sky”, this scanlated doujin focuses on Haruka x Michiru. Scans by wolf1806. NOTES: The foreword on p.5 (summary): The author (Yamada Mario, and yes that’s a girl’s name) watched Spiderman 3, Precure 5, and Kamen Rider Denno, but still likes Uranus x Neptune best of all Henshin Hero. The book was originally… Read more »

Sweet to Sweet R ~ Revised Edition

A Haruka x Michiru doujin, that’s part novel, part comic. It’s for Adults Only (18+), as it contains nudity and sexual interaction. Donated by wolf1806.

Til Death Do Us Part

The original version of the Haruka x Michiru Doujin. This had an update 4 years later, in the Special Millennium Edition, which you can see by clicking here. Donated by wolf1806.