Bleu de Ciel

French for “Blue Sky”, this scanlated doujin focuses on Haruka x Michiru. Donated by dawnlight6. NOTES: The foreword on p.5 (summary): The author (Yamada Mario, and yes that’s a girl’s name) watched Spiderman 3, Precure 5, and Kamen Rider Denno, but still likes Uranus x Neptune best of all Henshin Hero. The book was originally… Read more »


A novelization with some artwork, that focuses on Haruka x Michiru. Updated scans by wolf1806.

Beauty and the Beast

Mostly a novel, but has some pages of art, featuring Haruka x Michiru, and Hotaru. Donated by dawnlight6.

4 Panel Yuri World Comics

These short four panel comics are by the famed doujinshi group Studio Canopus. They are somewhat adult in their humor and language, but nothing more than PG13 throughout. This release is a joint project between Miss Dream and Isshou-Ni.Net. Enjoy!