Sailor Moon Kodansha Release Vol. 12 Errors

Written by Misty of Myu Corner

The following are errors that I found in the first printing of Volume 12 of Kodansha USA’s English release of the Sailor Moon manga. They are divided into sections for writing errors (presented in a table), possible issues on multiple pages, honorific issues, inconsistencies/continuity errors, and miscellaneous errors (presented as bulleted lists).

I am not in any way affiliated with Kodansha USA, Del Rey, William Flanagan, Mari Morimoto, or any other person or entity involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here. I also do not mean these critiques as libel in any way, shape, or form, and hope that the persons and entities involved in the translation, production, or publication of the volume critiqued here will not take them as such.

Writing Errors

(Awkward writing, grammar & syntax errors, etc)

Possible Replacement Tokyopop Translation* Miss Dream translation
“The true heavenly bodies that you seek, lie”

(p. 21)

Lose the comma: “The true heavenly bodies that you seek lie” “I will tell you where the star you seek is” “Which is the planet you desire the most? You can tell your mother all about it.”
“Anima Mates Tin Nyanko”

(p. 23)

Lose the comma: “Animamate Tin Nyanko”

Also see my note about “Anima Mates” in the volume 11 guide.

“Animal-meiz Tein Nyanko”

(What the?)

“Tin Kitty of the Animamates”
“The visual recorder had been running”

(p. 43)

“The visual recorder was running” “The visual recorder kept the record!” “It’s a playback from the visual recorder!”
“I, the last of the Sailor Anima Mates guardians, Soul Hunter, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon!! Shall give you supremely beautiful, melancholy last rites!!”

(p. 107)

Combine the sentences and edit slightly: “I, the last of the Sailor Animamates, Soul Hunter Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, shall give you supremely beautiful, melancholy last rites!!”

Also see my note about “Anima Mates” in the volume 11 guide.

“I am Sailor Animate’s last Scout! Soul Hunter Sailor Heavymetal Papillon!! I will make the most beautiful funeral for you!” “I am the last of the Sailor Animamates! I am the Hunter of Souls, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon!! I will give you the most beautiful and depressing funeral procession of all!”
“A burning at the stake”

(p. 107)

“Being burned at the stake” or something similar “How tragic that the galaxy’s only hope will be burned alive!” “For the tragic fate awaiting you, the Messiah, I’ve decided upon cremation!”
“This is the power of the greatest Sailor Guardian’s Sailor Crystal in the Milky Way?”

(p. 43)

“This is the power of the greatest Sailor Crystal in the Milky Way?” “Is that the power of the strongest Sailor Crystal?” “Is this the power of the Sailor Soldiers reknowned throughout the galaxy, the Sailor Crystals?”

There is a spelling error here; it should be “renowned.”

“…the sanctuary of heavenly bodies”

(p. 188)

Capitalization needed: “…The sanctuary of heavenly bodies” “The holiest place in the universe…” “This is the holy land of the stars”
“Sailor Moon’s future ultimate form…?!”

(p. 243)

“Sailor Moon’s ultimate form” or “Sailor Moon’s ultimate future form” or something similar “The ultimate Sailor Moon!?” “Are you the ultimate, future form of Sailor Moon?!”

*Due to the ongoing investigation of Megaupload by the FBI, I was unable to download the file of the Mixx version I usually use from Neo Nobility. So, for this and possibly several future reports, I will be using the raw scans of the Tokyopop version from Miss Dream rather than Neo Nobility’s Mixx scans.

Possible Issues on Several Pages

  • The “Star Lights,” “Anima Mates,” and “Kakyu” errors mentioned in the the volume 11 guide are in this volume as well.

Honorific Issues (Oddly Used, Not Needed)

  • None in this volume!

Inconsistencies/Continuity Errors

  • Sailor Galaxia’s Sailor Crystal is referred to in this volume (primarily on page 100) as the Sapphire Crystal. Previously in canon, her crystal had been referred to as the Saffer Crystal, saffer being an Old English word for either lapis lazuli or sapphire. The actual Japanese name of her Crystal, however, is Seikinseki (青金石), which translates to “lazurite,” a mineral that forms the bulk of lapis lazuli. [Sources: Wikimoon, Wikipedia – Lazurite] Given that “Saffer” can refer to lapis lazuli, this may be the name that it was intended to have. The English word “sapphire” is written in Japanese as safuaia (サファイア). I checked the original Japanese version of the page in question (via Miss Dream’s raws) and, while there is furigana next to what appear to be the kanji for Seikinseki, the katakana characters shown for the furigana do not appear to be the ones for safuaia, though it is hard to tell because they are so small. It is possible the translator misread something and thus used “Sapphire” instead. (Miss Dream and Tokyopop also use “Sapphire Crystal”).
  • On page 152, Sailor Saturn’s weapon is mistakenly called the “Silent Glaive.” It should be “Silence Glaive,” in keeping with the rest of the Sailor Moon series. (The name of this weapon is usually written in Japanese using the katakana サイレンス・グレイブ [Sairensu Gureibu], or the Japanese rendering 沈黙の鎌 [Chinmoku no Kama]). Miss Dream and Tokyopop both use Silence Glaive.


    • A line on page 9 was changed from how it appeared in the volume 12 preview at the end of volume 11. In the preview, it read “so much greater than any of our previous foes'”. But in the actual volume 12, the word “foes” was changed to “enemies” instead.
    • On page 200, a couple word bubbles in the exchange between Galaxia and Chaos appear to be switched around. The bubble which ends Galaxia’s sentence (“…Sailor Moon, who is boiling over with maximum power, to you!!”) should be with the other half of her sentence in the panel above, while Chaos’s word bubble should be moved to the panel below with Chaos’s other word bubble. This would make the exchange make more sense.
    • The name of Sailor Lethe’s attack, Galactica Mysotis Alpestnis, has mystified fans for years. Ian Miller of Dies Gaudii wrote a whole article on this subject. Morimoto notes that it likely refers to the flower Myosotis Alpestris, also known as the Alpine Forget-me-Not, but does not know the significance of the spelling change. The proper romanization of the Latin term would, it seems, be Myuosotisu Arupesutorisu, according to Miller. Not sure why Naoko-san changed the spelling, honestly; maybe it was a typo. However, this spelling was in the original manga print run as well, so one would assume that Naoko-san would have corrected it in the shinsouban version. (Tokyopop, as noted by Miller, translates the name as “Galactica Myusotis Alpastnis”; Miss Dream uses the correct name for the flower, with a note indicating that it is the name for the Alpine Forget-me-Not).


Credits: The lines from the Tokyopop English translation come from scans I obtained at Miss Dream. The examples given from Miss Dream’s translation belong, naturally, to Miss Dream. Tokyopop English manga (Sailor Moon) © 1996-1998 TokyoPop. Kodansha English manga (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) © 2011-2013 Kodansha USA, Kodansha Comics, William Flanagan, and Mari Morimoto. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Japanese) © 1992-1997, 2003-2004 Naoko Takeuchi.

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