Sailor Moon Secrets R

This is a download of the fan publication, Sailor Moon Secrets R, which is the second book to Sailor Moon no Himitsu. This book contains more information about each of the main characters of Sailor Moon, with a chapter dedicated to each of the five sailor soldiers, including the nine hand gestures of Rei/Sailor Mars’ kuji chant. This was released in Japan, published by a group of fans of Sailor Moon, and is not authorized. This is a rare collectible item, and very difficult to find. It is a shame that this book is only available in Japanese, because it is a cornerstone of information for the Sailor Moon fandom. I wish we had the time to translate it into English. (Maybe somebody out there will consider hiring me to do this?)

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  1. TMask

    This and the previous book in the series have been popping up a lot lately on Yahoo! Auctions and the メルカリ flea-market app, for around 500-1000 yen each. I have both, but right now I’m looking for 美少女戦士の研究, which appears to be the third book in the series and covers S and SuperS.
    Any idea if anyone’s been able to get their hands on it? I’ve bought and read both of these and would love to find out more on the later seasons!


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