Sailor Moon – Tokyopop Pocket Comics Edition

These galleries and downloads are for of Tokyopop’s release of the Sailor Moon comics in “pocket book” format – they are roughly equivalent to the Japanese “tankoubon” releases of Sailor Moon. These downloads feature Tokyopop’s English translation, as well as flipped artwork. You can get started by clicking on a book cover, or using the bulk download torrent to download everything (or as much as) you want!

11 Responses to “Sailor Moon – Tokyopop Pocket Comics Edition”

    • sassypants678

      If I can find them in Japanese, yes. Unfortunately they are currently a bit out of my price range, so that project will have to wait until I can find really cheap bargains on the set or until someone wants to donate them to the site for scanlation purposes :)

    • MarioKnight

      Hello! I have tested a few at random which all worked for me. If you can please let me know any specific one that is giving you issues as well as your web browser information, I’ll see if I can duplicate your specific issues. Thank you.

  1. Angela Halford

    Hi again. I just got a kindle how do I. Put this on it. Like its allllll pictures I have the files saved on computer. And tried putting them on and nothing came up. I have a kindle 4

  2. Allie

    You are so wonderful, Miss Dream! I appreciate Kodansha’s recent efforts to bring us a more accurate version of the manga, but this is the manga I grew up with, and it’s so expensive to collect. Thank you so much for all your efforts.


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