Sailor Moon by Tokyopop Volume 1

This download is for the 1st volume of the Tokyopop English translation of “Sailor Moon”

These books mirror the Japanese tankoubon release of the original 18 books by Kodansha.

However, they feature flipped artwork and they have some rather questionable translations. This series is one of the first Tokyopop ever published in America.

Click on the gallery links below to view the images in low definition, or download the massive archive of the HQ files here:

download: gallery download

5 Responses to “Sailor Moon by Tokyopop Volume 1”

  1. Alison

    Thanks so much for uploading these! The one thing I loved about this edition was the notes from Naoko! I always felt a connection to her when I read them. I was so sad they weren’t in kodansha’s reprint! And now I can’t find all my mixx books. Do you need any specific pages? If I have them I’d be glad to donate scans!

    • Brittany

      If you download the images on a computer you can search for an image to pdf website. Add the images to that then convert it to a pdf then download it.

  2. Omar

    Love the site! But unfortunately, it seems that the link for the rar of the gallery download is not found.

    • MarioKnight

      It’s loading fine for me when I test it. So I can better troubleshoot, what browser and version are you using when you attempt to download it?


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