Sailor Moon Crystal Character Sheets (english)

Fresh off the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Website! Character Designs for the new Anime! Sailor Moon Crystal!

Translated by sassypants678, and Edited by Anna

download: gallery download

18 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal Character Sheets (english)”

  1. Serenity-chan

    Quick question, in Usagi’s profile it says she’s in 7th grade? I thought she was in 8th grade?

  2. Nyxity

    I love the fact that the designs look closer to the manga, but are not so different from the original anime that transition is jarring.

    • Aisha

      I really don’t think they’re that different to the original heels. I think I prefer Rei’s new heels as they always made a point that she’s shorter than the other scouts so wears them to make up height, but that never really came across in the original character design.

  3. Angel

    Minako Aino’s profile. What’s an idol? Does it mean famous singer, an Olympic athlete or a famous actress? What the hell is an idol and who talks like that?!?!

    • Cris

      They talk like that in the Japanese version all the time. I hope the Crystal series never gets screwed up if it ever gets dubbed. Glad they are releasing it subbed when it comes out in July for those that don’t speak Japanese so they can see the real Sailor Moon this time around without all the ignorant changes to the story line (Haruka and Michiru cousins? REALLY?) -_-;

  4. minako_ifu

    Rei’s pendant and Makoto’s collar were added by Naoko Takeuchi for the second edition of the manga, but for the kanzenban edition she take them out of the picture again. Fortunately they are using the latest release for reference. :)

  5. Saorin

    I still wonder… why did they (mostly) stay true to the original character design for all of the senshis – BUT Jupiter? Why didn’t she get the hip chain like Venus did?


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