Komatsu Misaki & Iseki Mayu Translations

“I’m truly glad to know Sailor Moon! I’ve loved Sailor Moon since childhood,
and now thanks to the warmth of the fans it has become even more precious to me.” – Iseki Mayu

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Coming soon.

Twitter (Iseki Mayu)

2013.09.13 9:43PM | Original Source
@icchi38: I’ll give the role my all until the last day, so I ask for your support..

2013.09.13 9:42PM | Original Source
@icchi38: Thank you all for your comments. I’m sorry for the late announcement, but I will be taking on the role of Kunzite in the Sailor Moon Musical. Until the curtain lifted I had so much to do that I couldn’t reply to your comments. I ask for your understanding.

Blog (Komatsu Misaki)

To everyone.
Original Source


As was announced the other day on the Sailor Moon Musical official homepage, I was unable to appear in the show due to illness.

To all of my fans who support me, and to all of the cast, staff, and related persons, I have caused you a great deal of worry and trouble.

I too am incredibly frustrated.
I’m very sorry to all of the fans and my friends who were looking forward to the show.
When the announcement of my withdrawal from the role was made, I was afraid of everyone’s reactions but a lot of people said they’d been looking forward to me playing Kunzite and that they were shocked. I had already cried a lot since I had to withdrawal, but hearing those reactions I cried again.

But all of your reactions helped me a lot. I’m truly sorry to all of you. Thank you very much for all of your words of encouragement.

Now I’m going to devote myself to recovering my health. I will do my best to get better even one day faster so that I can show you all a smile.

Thank you for your continued support.

Komatsu Misaki.

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