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The opening day of the Sailor Moon Musical went well
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I took the same photo as Ms. Saika!
Director Mr. Hiramitsu gave these to the cast.
Mmm, how romantic.
The script is very romantic too, so I think Mr. Hiramitsu is definitely a romantic.

That’s right, last night I was so nervous that I couldnt sleep, so Matsuura Miyabi-chan (Mercury) and I got really into texting each other about how we love this cast so much. Miyabi-chan is madly in love with Ms. Saika, but I’m of course madly in love with Takahashi Yuu-chan (Jupiter).

Everyone in the cast is an individual,
it’s a very talented group.

We were all really pumped to do well today so I think we really went for it. But it’s going to get even better! From tomorrow until the finale Sera Myu is going to show you tons of progress!

I definitely want you to come!

Good night★


2013.09.14 12:27AM | Original Source
@koro_bu_chika: I couldn’t get over my excitement and I retweeted a lot. I’ll do my best tomorrow! Sera Myuuuuuuu FIGHT! Okay, good night world.

2013.09.14 12:02AM | Original Source
@chitoseruto: I couldn’t get over my excitement and I replied to a lot of people. (゜ロ゜*)
2013.09.14 12:05AM
@koro_bu_chika: @chitoseruto Me too! It’s hard to express how happy I am to make it through the opening day of a show we’ve worked so hard on! See you tomorrow!!

2013.09.13 11:38PM | Original Source
@koro_bu_chika: The curtain opened on the Sailor Moon musicals without any incidents. I was really grateful to be blessed with everyone’s warm support. I will cherish each stage leading up to the finale and do my best with the others! I’ll be happy if you enjoy it!

2013.06.23 6:44PM | Original Source
@koro_bu_chika: Today was the second dress rehearsal [for Uso wo Tsuita Shimokitazawa] and tomorrow the real show begins. Amazingly, my costar in Sailor Moon, Saika Ryo-san ( @saikaryo814 ) brought me gifts! I’m touched. Thank you so much, Saika-san!

2013.06.23 9:06PM
@saikaryo814: @koro_bu_chika Good work on your rehearsal! I’m glad I got to see you~! Good luck with your show tomorrow. (^^)
2013.06.24 4:03AM
@koro_bu_chika: @saikaryo814 Me too, you gave me strength. Thank you very much, I’ll do my best.

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